FFFC #Challenge #23: Log your meals

Have you ever thought about your nutrition as you begin to pick up your daily fitness activity?  Have you hit a plateau and wonder why you can not seem to break through even though you are going to 80 fitness classes a day and sweating profusely?  Maybe it is time to look at what you are eating.  The fitness gurus state that 80% of your successful healthy weight loss is due to what you eat.  You’ve all heard the statement “Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym”.  Have you ever thought about what that really means?  Basically no matter how many crunches, cardio or weights you lift, if your eating habits are not in alignment then all of your hard physical work is in vein.  You won’t be able to get rid of the fat that is covering all of that hard muscle!  Six packs can be a reality if we are REAL with ourselves.

And don’t think that what you eat may be sabotaging your weight-loss goals.  What we drink is just as important.  Drinks ladened with grams of sugar in any form is just dangerous.  We drink tons of gallons of calories every week and no matter how hard we work in the gym, we will struggle to see the fruits of our labor.

So THIS week, the FFFC challenge is to:

log all of your meals daily Monday-Friday. 

Once this challenge is over, review your log and be honest with yourself and determine how you may be stalling your results by what you are consuming.  There are many online tools to log your meals or use a good ol’ fashion journal book.  Feel free to share some of your meals with the private group so we can help keep each other accountable and on the right track.

Everyone ready?  Ok now plan your meals for this week, get to the grocery store and let’s embrace this challenge like no other!

Let’s GO!

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