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How Eating Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

Learn how consuming protein can help you lose weight as well as improve your metabolism and satiety. #protein #health #metabolism

How To Build Muscle Fast And Effectively

Tone your muscles faster and more effectively with these strategies. #fitness #fitfam #muscle #tonezone #blackgirlmagic #blackfitness #fitover40

The Surprising Link Between Exercise and Lowering High Blood Pressure

If you are dealing with high blood pressure then try these strategies to help you lower it while having fun. #highbloodpressure #hbp #exercise #fitnessisfunn #fitfam #fitness #womenshealth #workoutsforwomen

How To Flatten Your Abs Without Crunches

Are you performing tons of crunches and sit ups and still not seeing results in your abs? Follow these tips and techniques to help your abs show through without crunches or sit ups. #abs #absworkout #sixpackabs #abworkout #workoutforwomen

9 Important Health Tips for Women

Want to live your best life full of robust health? Follow these 9 tips to stay healthy and fit. #health #fitness #fit #fitfam #blackgirlmagic #womenshealth

12 Fitness Tips For Busy Women

Here are some amazing fitness tips for busy women to ensure you stay fit. Are you a busy mom who struggles to fit fitness into your daily routine? It can be challenging to prioritize your health and wellness when you have so many responsibilities to juggle. Taking care of yourself, on the other hand, is critical for your physical and ...

5 Simple Ways For Women To Win At Wellness

Improve your mental wellness and energy levels by applying these 5 wellness tips for women. #wellness #mentalhealth #selfcare

5 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care and Reach Your Goals

Take this 30-Day Movement, Meditation and Meals challenge to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit. #meditation #fitnesschallenge #3mchallenge #movement #healthymeals #goodhealth #detox #fasting #wellness #mentalhealth #selfcare

30-Day Movement, Meditation and Meals Challenge

Join us for 30 days as we complete the 3M | Movement, Meditation and Meals challenge. It seems all seasons and every time of the year is busy so this challenge is to help you reset on your fitness journey.  We are challenging you, for the next 30 days to complete at least 30 minutes of movement, 3 minutes of meditation and consume 3 ...

Skinny Jeans Fitness Challenge

Let’s have some fun tightening and toning with this Skinny Jeans Fitness Challenge. What Is This Challenge This is an overall healthy habits and wellness challenge to help those individuals who have had difficulty fitting their favorite clothes.  This challenge focuses on reducing inches from the body vs. reducing pounds because ...

30-Day Jump Rope Challenge

Get more consistent with walking with our 30-Day Walk Til You Drop Step Challengs. #hearthealth #cardio #walkofftheweight #walktilyoudrop #walkchallenge #stepchallenge

5 Tips For Training This Summer | Exercise Workout Tips

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your training this summer! When the temperature rises and the sun comes out, it’s a fantastic motivator to get out there and exercise – but the summertime can make it challenging to working out. Find 5 tips for training this summer to help you make the most of your workouts during ...

The Complete Beginner’s Workout Program

Looking to get started with a full-body workout plan but not sure where to begin? Follow this beginner workout routine and you'll be on your way to getting fit in no time. It can be tough to commit to a fitness routine or start working out again. After all, who has the time to go to the gym, pay for personal fitness classes, or search for ...

How to Get 10,000 Steps A Day

Check out these creative ways to accumulate 10,000 steps a day and how to track them. Why do you try to get your 10,000 steps in a day? Is it just for the challenge and satisfaction of accomplishment? Maybe you love to get in your daily workout and like tracking your progress. Regardless of which category you’re in, tracking your ...

In The Gym With Lauren McKinney

Meet amazing vegan and plant-based chef Lauren McKinney who shares how she transitioned to veganism and is living her best life. Please introduce yourself to our readers.  My name is Lauren McKinney. I’m a certified plant-based health coach and have been vegan for almost 11 years. I retired from my corporate gig in 2020 to spend ...

6 Tips To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Many of us want to exercise more, but busy schedules make it hard to find enough time in the day. However, with a few clever approaches, you can fit in a session even on those days when your schedule is packed. Here’s some inspiration to help you work it out. Join Our Free Online Fitness Accountability Group For Women Is it hard ...

5 Morning Routine Habits To Support Mental Health 

Practice these 5 morning routines to help support your mental health. Starting your day off the right way can really set the tone, both physically and mentally. And making good mental health habits part of your morning routine can really help you develop a positive mindset. Lower your stress and enjoy a peaceful start to your day by ...

Meet Plant-Based Nutritionist Jazz Kearse

Meet Jasmine (Jazz) Kearse who is a plant-based nutritionist and CEO of Fountain of Life Coaching Services. Read how she lost weight and transformed her body. Please introduce yourself to our readers (i.e. your name, occupation, hobbies, etc.). My name is Jasmin Kearse (but everyone calls me Jazz) and I am a Plant Based Nutritionist. I ...

5 Tips to Keep You Fit During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is indeed the most wonderful time of the year but it is also a busy time filled with extra calorie-laden food so it can be a challenge to stay fit during this season.  Follow these 5 effective tips to help you stay on your fitness journey during the holidays. The 5 tips are: Keep it fun Create a day-by-day ...

Peloton Transformation – Jarell Anderson

Be inspired and find out how Jarell Anderson transformed her body, mind and habits with Peloton. Be inspired and learn how Jarell Anderson transformed her body, mind and habits with the Peloton Bike+. #peloton #BPR #blackmomsofpeloton #momsofpeloton #healthyhabits #transformationsTweet FFFC: Tell our readers about yourself JA: ...