Juicing Basics

Juicing Basics

I love juicing and I started juicing a long time ago with a Juiceman Jr. Juicer.  I oftentimes get a bunch of questions about how to juice, what juicer to use and what to do with the pulp.  This page is a one-stop-shop for you to get any and all the information about juicing.

  1. Read my basic article on how to juice in 5 easy steps
  2. Learn how to shop for a juicer and find one perfect for you
  3. Check out my friends at Farmivore which is a box subscription service where they deliver farm-fresh organic produce and a variety of juicing recipes direct to your door or simply go to the grocery store and pick up your own produce
  4. Enjoy some juicing recipes I put together in this collection
  5. I have also reviewed some juicers when I was in the market looking to buy one so check out my Omega VRT350 review and see if it is a fit for you
  6. Here is a short list of some of my absolute favorite recipes

Farmivore Juice

Ginger Mojito Juice – spicy and delicious!

Kale Delight – my favorite green juice EVER!

Gimme a Beet Juice – this is a perfect detoxifier for your liver

POWer Punch Beet Juice – this is a simple recipe and so delicious!

Fountain of Youth Juice – guaranteed to smooth out your skin and make it glow!

Spicy Bite Green Juice – the ginger in this gives it a little kick!

Ruby Sipper Juicer – nothing like fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit juice with a twist of rosemary!

Pretty In Pink Juice – this juice is just pretty and pink!

Citrus Sunrise Recipe


Buy Now Orange


This is my absolute favorite juicing box hands down.  I prefer to make my own juice and they deliver fresh, organic and non-GMO produce to your door.  You definitely want to try this.