How To Shop For A Juicer

If you’re in the market for a juicer, read this before you run out and purchase one.

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I love juicing.  I actually started juicing back in 1997 when I talked to a fellow co-worker who had the most beautiful skin around.  She told me she would make and drink fresh juice on a regular basis and that is why her skin was so clear.

I was sold and ran out and bought my first juicer and was hooked ever since.  At the time I didn’t do any research on juicers.  I got the name of one, went to WalMart and purchased it.

Quite honestly – that juicer and I had some good times and it was very reliable and got the job done.

I wouldn’t recommend following in my footsteps that way.  Getting your own juicer is a major purchase so there are several things to take into consideration such as:

  1. Price point
  2. Noise level
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Easy clean up
  5. Size

Let’s get some things straight

First and foremost a juicer is NOT a blender.  There may be blenders out there that can grind up so well the end product is similar to juice but it is not the same.

Types of juicers

There are typically 2 types of juicers out there centrifugal and masticating.  Both have pros and cons in my opinion but here is what I know.

Centrifugal juicer

This type of juicer juices by whizzing around so quickly grinds up the pulp and extracts the juice from the produce.

Pros:  Very quick extraction, juicers tend to be more affordable, rarely clogs

Cons:  Can be extremely noisy, may not always extract the most juice

Masticating juicer

This type of juicer “chews” the product to extract the juice.

Pros:  Tends to quieter than other juicers, maximizes the amount of juice extracted

Cons:  Tends to be more expensive, takes longer time to juicer because it processes slower

Price point

I have seen prices for juicers range from $99 up to $1000+.  You really have to figure out your budget and stay within it.

You are sure to find a juicer that meets your budget.

Noise level

I have had juicers sound like an airplane taking off and one you can barely hear if the television is up too loud.  Figure out what level of noise you can tolerate and ask the question or try to turn on the juicer in the store to hear it.


What I mean here is how well does it maximize the amount of juice extracted?  I have owned juicers that left wet pulp behind.

That tells me there was still juice left to extract and it was inefficient.  You want dry pulp discharged which is an indication it extracted the most juice from the fruit or vegetable.

I always feel the pulp afterwards.

Easy clean up

This is a big one for folks because people have the perception juicers are hard to take apart, put back together and clean.  I do not clean the juicer parts in the dishwasher – I use plain old warm/hot soapy water.

I rinse the parts with water and then let them sit in the warm soapy water for about 30 minutes to loosen the particles.  Then I take a brush and clean the parts with it especially the grate which tends to get food particles stuck to it.

Make sure you clean it thoroughly and remove all the food.  Then air dry and reassemble.

Some juicers have more parts than others so while shopping take it apart and see if you can reassemble easily and quickly.


Juicers come in all shapes and sizes from vertical, horizontal, wide footprint and narrow footprint.  It really depends on how much space you have and what works best for your counter.

I noticed the size does not necessarily correlate with the weight of the appliance so remember that too.  Some of these juicers can be very heavy due to the various parts and mechanics needed to deliver quality juice.

Now that you have some idea of what to look for in your next juicer it’s time to GO SHOPPING.

Sometimes recommendations are an easy way to get started so here I share  4 juicers I have owned and my brief review of them (affiliate links).

Juiceman Jr. (Centrifugal)


Mine looked very different than this back in 1997 but this was my very first juicer.  It got the job done, was easy to take apart and clean and I always had dry pulp.  One day it stopped working (after about 2 years) so I had to get rid of it.

Pros:  Affordable (was like $70), easy to use, made a lot of juice, came with a recipe book, did not create extra foam in the juice

Cons:  Noisy, hard to clean the grate (did not come with a cleaning brush), stained easily

Waring Pro (Centrifugal)

I got back on the juicing bandwagon so my husband purchased this for me to get me back on track.  I saw it in Essence Magazine and it came highly rated.  I didn’t care for it at all!  It was noisy, always left wet pulp and also left behind pieces of fruit and vegetables.

Pros:  Affordable, easy assembly, did not have a separate pulp chute container, it was all in one

Cons:  Noisy, never extracted the maximum amount of juice, heavy, created way too much foam in the juice

Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL (Centrifugal)

I upgraded from the Waring Pro and bought this centrifugal juicer.  I thought I had ARRIVED and I did.  This was the first high-end juicer I ever bought and I loved it!!!

It juiced perfectly, was easy to clean, came with a recipe book and the juice container also came with a lid to remove foam from the juice when you pour it.  I was in heaven!!!

That is one of the most annoying things about juicers – they can create extra foam in the juice that you have to then strain out.

Pros:  Excellent juice extraction, juice container helps to remove foam from juice, effective, easy to take apart and clean

Cons:  Noisy

Omega VRT350 (Masticating)

Even though I loved my Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL I was intrigued by the masticating juicer family.  I first heard about this juicer by watching a video by FullyRawKristina as she made this delicious blueberry almond milk with her Omega VRT350.

I wanted one right then and there!!  I tried juicing almonds in my Breville and it produced more almond flour than actual milk.

I am extremely happy with my purchase and it is the juicer you see in all of my Farmivore juicing videos.

Pros:  Quiet, extracts the most juice ever, easy to clean, comes with a cleaning brush

Cons:  Did not come with a recipe book, chute gets clogged regularly, creates foam so you have to strain the juice

So there you have it.  If you have any questions please leave it below and I will answer.

Which juicer do you own or want for yourself?

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