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FFFC No-Bake Energy Bars

My friends, I found this delicious No-Bake Energy Bars with peanut butter recipe on Facebook, made a few tweaks to it came out DELICIOUS!!!  I ate these every day in the afternoon at work as a pick-me-up!  They are GOOOOD!  These are easy to make and you most likely have these ingredients in your pantry. [Tweet "Make your very own ...

FFFC #Challenge #23: Log your meals

Have you ever thought about your nutrition as you begin to pick up your daily fitness activity?  Have you hit a plateau and wonder why you can not seem to break through even though you are going to 80 fitness classes a day and sweating profusely?  Maybe it is time to look at what you are eating.  The fitness gurus state that 80% of your ...

FFFC #Challenge #22: Drink Green

Who has not heard of the benefits of drinking green smoothies?  Well here is our challenge for this week.  Drink a green smoothie every day Monday - Friday of this week and report in on your progress.  This is how this works: Advanced challenge:  Drink 3 green smoothies daily Intermediate challenge:  Drink 2 green smoothies daily Beginner ...

FFFC #Challenge #21: Daily Fit Workout Challenge

I'm following instructions and reblogging this for all of you to follow!  Do this on a DAILY basis when you are feeling at your physical peak whether that be at 8 am, noon, 3 pm or midnight.  DO YOU to OPTIMIZE you. I believe in YOU.  Let's GO!  Check in below by leaving a comment on your progress!

FFFC #Challenge #20: Wake Up Call Challenge

And here is another daily challenge that can really make you sweat.  Try it you just might like it.  Continue this challenge Monday - Friday (don't cheat).  :-) I believe in YOU.  Let's GO!  Check in below by leaving a comment on your progress!

FFFC #Challenge #19: Challenge Workout

I'm not saying this weekly challenge is a piece of cake but try each round and beat the time every day.  Round 1, do Day 1, etc. and repeat until you get in 5 whole days.  I didn't say it was easy, but change NEVER IS! I believe in YOU.  Let's GO!  Check in below by leaving a comment on your progress!

FFFC #Challenge #18: No Junk Food

This challenge will require WILL POWER vs. the physical ability to lift, jump, squat, roll or press.  The mind is a powerful thing and if not properly prepared, you are defeated before ever beginning this challenge.  Do your body proud and embrace this challenge with ZEST! My only caveat with this challenge is, as long as you are consuming all ...

Peanut Butter Smoothie Recipe

I learned how to make this smoothie at the tender age of 13 years old.  I did not know it was considered a smoothie back then but it was delicious then and still today.  I have tweaked it from the original version by omitting the raw egg which is the version made in the South American country of Guyana. If you are a Peanut Butter  fan...I ...