FFFC #Challenge #18: No Junk Food

This challenge will require WILL POWER vs. the physical ability to lift, jump, squat, roll or press.  The mind is a powerful thing and if not properly prepared, you are defeated before ever beginning this challenge.  Do your body proud and embrace this challenge with ZEST!

My only caveat with this challenge is, as long as you are consuming all natural peanut butter wit no added salt, sugar or HFCS you should be good because natural peanut butter is considered a healthy fat.  If you want to follow this challenge to the T, consider exchanging PB with all natural, raw almond butter!  You may never go back to the PB stuff!  Also, 1 inch at least 60% dark chocolate is ok.

I believe in YOU.  Let’s GO!  Check in below by leaving a comment on your progress!

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    DSTPRL September 25, 2012 (6:22 pm)

    This is JUST for the week of 9/24/2012 ONLY!