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It Finally Clicked – Malati Harris Weight Loss Story

My name is Malati Harris. I am a 39 year old full time single mother, full time family practice physician who delivers babies (at all hours of the day and night), and an avid weight lifter. When I'm not working I'm hanging out with my two kids, Mateo age 8 1/2 and Liliana age 4 1/2. One of my favorite hobbies is shopping! I'm always looking for ...

Liz Dialto #Workout

Are you stuck in the house due to inclement weather.  I received this workout from Liz Dialto and I plan to do it on those days the gym is closed due to Hurricane Sandy!  ENJOY!

FFFC #Challenge #23: Log your meals

Have you ever thought about your nutrition as you begin to pick up your daily fitness activity?  Have you hit a plateau and wonder why you can not seem to break through even though you are going to 80 fitness classes a day and sweating profusely?  Maybe it is time to look at what you are eating.  The fitness gurus state that 80% of your ...