day : 15/10/2012 2 results

Insane for Insanity

Let me just say I bought Insanity for my husband over 2 years ago.  Yes I made the 4 payments of $29.99 so my fine husband could maintain his physique.  When you turn on the commercial it really gets you pumped!  The testimonials and transformations really pull you in.  I guess their marketing folks are earning their keep because I know so ...

FFFC #Challenge #21: Daily Fit Workout Challenge

I'm following instructions and reblogging this for all of you to follow!  Do this on a DAILY basis when you are feeling at your physical peak whether that be at 8 am, noon, 3 pm or midnight.  DO YOU to OPTIMIZE you. I believe in YOU.  Let's GO!  Check in below by leaving a comment on your progress!