5 Tips to Keep You Fit During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is indeed the most wonderful time of the year but it is also a busy time filled with extra calorie-laden food so it can be a challenge to stay fit during this season.  Follow these 5 effective tips to help you stay on your fitness journey during the holidays.

Try these 5 tips to help you stay active and fit over the holidays. #fitmas #healthyhabits #fitness #fit #holidayhealthyhabits #holidayhealth

The 5 tips are:

  1. Keep it fun
  2. Create a day-by-day plan
  3. Create reminders
  4. Perform more non-exercise activity
  5. Keep the healthy habits going

Follow these 5 effective tips to help you stay on your fitness journey during the holidays. #fitness #fitnessjourney #healthyhabits #healthyholidays #fitmas #healthiswealth

Keep it fun

This should go without saying but if you find a training plan you enjoy then you are more likely to do it and even look forward to it.  So whether you enjoy Zumba, Peloton classes, gym classes or swimming, to name a few, find what you enjoy, recruit some friends to join you and get that heart pumping.

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Create a day-by-day plan

Another great way to stay fit over the holiday season is to create a plan.  It will save you a lot of time if you plan out the workouts for the week so you don’t’ have to think about it day of.  This assumes you know the other plans for the day in order to schedule your workouts as part of your plans for the day.

Determine how much time you have each day to dedicate to moving your body and schedule a workout that matches that availability.  There are plenty of calorie-torching workouts available if you have just 10 minutes to workout.

planning stretching

Create reminders

Schedule your workouts and create reminders.  Just relying on “memory” isn’t enough.  By creating reminders it is a physical alert to notify you it’s time to exercise no matter where you are.  You can easily create a reminder on your clock or mobile phone.  If you plan to exercise the same time daily, set the reminders for the entire week so you don’t miss your activity session.

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Perform more non-exercise activity to stay fit

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis is a real thing (NEAT).  It is the energy we expend when we are doing everything else but exercising, sleeping or eating such as walking, going up stairs, typing, moving furniture, gardening or performing yard work.  If you do it right you can burn as much as 529 calories a day or more depending on weight, age, gender and the amount of NEAT activity.

Suggestions to help you increase your NEAT activity include parking further away from the building if it’s safe, climbing stairs vs. taking the escalator or elevator, walking window-shopping around the mall, gardening, cleaning the house, washing dishes and raking leaves.  You can also purchase a fitness tracker and join a step challenge to encourage you to move throughout the day to achieve the target number of steps set as a goal.

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Keep the healthy habits going to stay fit

Last but not least keep the healthy habits going.  Understandably your schedule may be a bit hectic and have more extracurricular activity scheduled but if you already get a full night’s rest or drink your healthy share of water, don’t stop.  Keep it going so those healthy habits don’t fall by the wayside over the holiday season which may make it harder to pick back up once the season is over.

Let’s wrap it up

Enjoy yourself, family and friends this holiday season and feast on whatever you want, you’ve earned it, but these are some easy-to-follow recommendations to help you stay fit even during the holiday season.

Try these 5 tips to help you stay active and fit over the holidays.  #fitmas #healthyhabits #fitness #fit #holidayhealthyhabits #holidayhealth

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