Top 5 TRX Exercises For A Full-Body Workout

Try these top 5 TRX exercises to build a stronger and fitter body. #TRX #trxworkout #trxexercise #trxexercises #upperbodyworkout #lowerbodyworkout #fitness #workout #weightlossforwomen (3)

TRX workout system is advantageous in that it requires small space and minimal training equipment during any exercise session. No prior training is necessary for anybody who would want to use the system and the other benefit that underlies the use of TRX is that it applies to many physical fitness objectives.

Any person right from Olympic-style athletes, physical therapists, the elderly, and even individuals with injuries can use TRX. TRX works by creating leverage on a person’s gravity and weight for the intentions of gaining strength, balance, and endurance. Here are top 5 TRX workout exercises that are ideal for faster body strength, stability, and mental stamina.

TRX Single Leg Squat

The workout aims at building stronger arms, hips, hamstrings, and also restores the body’s ability to resist hip rotation. The single leg squat helps develop balance within the legs.

Body balancing is barely achieved with two-leg squat. The reason is that every muscles and body parts involved get to assume a comfortable and balanced positioning which makes it difficult for a person to notice any faults on his/her balancing acts.

While trying the TRX single squat workout, the elbows should be below the shoulders, and when the TRX strap is under tension, the right leg should be set to an anchor point. The hips need to be lowered and raised, thereby allowing the knee to assist the leg in bending.

The majority of the full body weight should be kept in the working leg, and the best results are achieved if the workout is repeatedly done with both legs involved.

Some of the faults that should be avoided while doing a TRX Single Leg Squat are excessive forward bending and backward leaning, particularly in the waist.

Try these top 5 TRX exercises to build a stronger and fitter body. #TRX #trxworkout #trxexercise #trxexercises #upperbodyworkout #lowerbodyworkout #fitness #workout #weightlossforwomen (3)

TRX Atomic Pike

TRX Atomic Pike

The benefit of this workout program is that it works on different body parts at the same time, and also exposes them to the desired stretching, flexibility, and balancing.

The shoulders, abs, back, core and hips work on different fitness objectives, and that means that the workout plan doesn’t involve one repetitive task.

The exercise should start with the feet in the cradles, knees on the floor, and hands under the shoulders.

The chest should assume a position slightly above the ground, and hips, shoulders, ankles and knees should all be kept in alignment.

For the best results, the butt should be driven up while maintaining the torso in a straight position. Some of the common faults that should be avoided are chin dropping and touching the ground, looking forward, and bending of knees.


The biggest advantage of the TRX Y Fly workout is that it is simple to accomplish, and does involve many muscles at the same time. The arms should go up over the head with this exercise.

Besides, the TRX forces the body to have some stability in the core as well as the legs.

To apply this workout the arm should be extended to assume a “Y” positioning, the palms should be forward, and tension on the TRX straps. The arms should be kept extended as the body is lowered while maintaining a plank positioning.

As the strap’s handle is pulled; the knuckles should be driven back and the chest lifted while the eyes are focused keenly on the anchor point.

The faults that should be avoided while doing the TRX Y Fly workout are bending the elbows and any break at the hips.

TRX Burpee

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TRX Burpee is a high-intensity workout exercise that works on the quads, glutes, hamstrings, core and the chest. It helps a person to develop a strong push, stretch, and involvement of many muscles at any single workout session.

The hopping exercises involved leads to a balanced body gravity.

Hop the legs forward enough.  Repeat the exercise with both the right and left legs.

The TRX power pull

TRX Pull Power

The workout mostly aims at introducing strength and stability to the chest, waist, and the legs.

The hand involved should be beside the chest during this exercise.  Reach the TRX strap towards the anchor point with the free hand.

Breaks at the hips and relying on rotational momentum to help with the pull should be avoided.

Try these top 5 TRX exercises to build a stronger and fitter body. #TRX #trxworkout #trxexercise #trxexercises #upperbodyworkout #lowerbodyworkout #fitness #workout #weightlossforwomen

TRX Workout

Equipment needed:  TRX Suspension system

Disclaimer:  Before starting any new workout program consult your physician first.  Perform at your own risk.

This fat burning and toning TRX full body workout is good for beginners, intermediate and advance fitness levels. It will tone your arms, abs, legs and booty.. Get a total body workout in the comfort of your own home with this TRX suspension workout. #trx #suspensionworkout #trxworkout



One can use the TRX at home, in the gym, and even outdoors. For best fitness results, it’s recommend the anchor height should be at least 7 to 9 feet from the ground.  That way the body receives enough balancing and hanging support.

Perform all of the aforementioned exercises on a regular basis for to obtain the desired physical fitness benefits.

Top 5 TRX Exercises for a full body workout #TRX #trxworkout

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    Can I wear a waist trainer while working out?

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