Boost Your Mind, Mood, and Food In The New Year

Mood, Mind and Food Boost

Happy New Year!  This past holiday season really takes the cake.  There was an abundance of running around preparing for the holidays, my personal training clientele picked up and work was extra hectic this past season so in 2017 I resolved myself to make sure I maintain a healthy mind, healthy mood and healthy food regimen throughout the year.

There’s no better way to do that than to use key items to help me keep my mind right, my mood tight and my food on point and the arrival of the latest BabbleBox came right on time.  I must admit, they outdid themselves with this box full of exquisite items to help me stay true to my fitness journey commitment this year.

Here is a round up of all the items received in the BabbleBox and I am certain all of you will be as impressed as I was with what came in this box.

Food, Health, and Happiness by Oprah Winfrey

Food Health and Happiness with Oprah Winfrey

I have been a huge fan and follower of Oprah Winfrey since she began her talk show in the 80’s and starred in The Color Purple as Sophia.  Interestingly enough I have seen her multiple times on television talking about Weight Watchers and how it helped her.  Which is why I am excited about her new “cookbook” that goes beyond just basic recipes.  In this book she shares about her struggles with food, how she finally found peace and joy in eating the right foods and shares recipes that allows her to continue to enjoy food.

Skinny Cornbread recipe

Each recipe was designed by her favorite chefs and if you are on Weight Watchers, she has on-point recipes for each meal.  The photos of the food are gorgeous and will make your mouth water.  I also love the fact she has photos of herself from childhood to adulthood with quotes from the woman herself which makes you feel as if she is speaking directly to you.   There are 115 recipes in the book and I have several of these recipes on my list to prepare.

Order information:  Order your book HERE.

Made In Nature Tart Cherry Fig Figgy Pops

FiggyPops SuperSnacks

I didn’t know what to expect with these natural energy balls yet I was very pleasantly surprised.  You can have 4 Tart Cherry Fig Figgy Pops per serving for 130 calories and you will feel a burst of energy when you eat them.  They are made with certified-organic, non-GMO Project-Verified, ingredients like figs, cashews, dates, walnuts and of course cherries and the taste was out of this world.  Not too sweet but definitely satisfies a sweet tooth.  The best part, they contain no refined sugar, are a great source of fiber, contain no preservatives and after a few minutes of indulging in these superbite-size delights, I felt as if I could run 3 miles easily around the block.  I dare say these are a delicious pre-workout snack.

Made In Nature Figgy Pops

This supersnack gets two thumbs up.  My family members also tried and loved them.

Special offer:  $10 off orders of $39+ off site with code janboosters.  Valid 1/1 to 2/28.  Order HERE.

JUST® water

You all know how I feel about drinking water on a daily basis.  The BabbleBox contains environmentally responsible 100% spring water which comes in a paper-based bottle which does its part to improve the environment and positively impact the community with its partnership with hometown USA.  The water is sourced from Glen Falls watershed in Upstate New York where water is abundant.  They are helping to revitalize the community of Glen Falls by paying more than 6 times the municipal rate to have access to less than 3% of the excess water.  They advocate drinking fresh tap water where possible but if you need something more portable, then drinking from their paper-based bottles vs. plastic ones is what they encourage.  If you have picked up drinking more water this year for a healthier you, like me, then consider JUST® water.  It’s taking bottled water to a new responsible level.  Your body and environment will thank you for it.

You can find this water in your local retail stores for about $.99 for a 16.9 oz bottle.

Order information:

SIPSCRIPTIONS teas from Tea Forté

orte Sipscription

When I ripped open the containers of tea I was in heaven.  The beautiful smells and vision of the teas had me extremely excited because I envisioned myself sipping and enjoying on these teas for many weeks to come.  Life is hectic and we all should find time to slow down and enjoy our life and surroundings and there’s no better way to get your mind off of things and refocus inward than with a delicious blend of luxury teas.  They packed us tea for detoxing (Regroup), relaxation (Retreat) and energy (Reboot) along with individual teas for defense (Resist) and fitness (Results) in 15 individual packets.  These teas smell divine and taste even better.  They are a specially curation of organic and fresh tea leaves, herbs and bio-active botanicals to help you boost your mind and body in a way no other tea has done.  To top it off, the teas came with a gorgeous ceramic tea infuser to perfectly steep your tea each and every time.  These wellness teas should be on your must-have list.  I’m just saying.

Special offer:  10% off any Sipscriptions item with code WELLNESS.  Valid through 1/31/2017.  Order HERE.

FITS® Socks – Ultra Light Runner, Light Runner, Light Hiker & Medium Hiker

FIT Socks

I’m a runner and enjoy running outdoors.  What I learned early on in my running career is that it is imperative you wear the right socks that allows your feet to breathe.  I can’t stress that enough because in my early days of running, I wore socks that promoted excessive foot sweat and blisters.  EEK!  FITS® Socks brand came out with some comfortable and light running and hiking socks that not only keep your feet feeling cushy soft but allows your feet to breathe so you have a comfortable run or hike the entire time.  One of the hardest things to find is a great-fitting sock but FITS® Socks takes care of that because their proprietary engineering technology creates the best-fitting sock every time.  I plan to take my running to the next level this year because I slacked off the second half but I plan to come back stronger than ever.  FITS® Socks included the following pairs of socks in the BabbleBox:

Ultra Light Runner Sock: for the lightest and the best fitting socks on the planet ever

Light Runner Sock: a low cut yet cushioned sock

Light Hiker Sock: this is their most popular style as it contains cushion under the foot for relief during all-day treks

Medium Hiker Sock:  this is their initial sock which provides just the right amount of cushion around the foot without a heavy feel.

Special offer:  Win a $200 FITS Gift Card by simply enter your email on the landing page and they will announce the winner on January 25, 2017.  Enter HERE.

EQUAL Beanie & Bracelet


This year and every year I plan to do my part to embrace everyone whether we agree philosophically or not.  We all are created equal and the friends at EQUAL have created the cutest beanie and bracelet to remind us of that.  The symbols on the beanie and bracelet are constant reminders that no matter what your background, culture or history, we are equal  The circle connecting to the equal symbol stands for unifying their purpose that we all are equal.  Next it connects back to their name and reminds folks of a simple idea – EQUAL.  No matter who you are think about making it a point to disrupt discrimination by getting their merchandise  and wear and share it to show the world what you stand for.

Order information:

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.

This is a pretty nice round up if I do say so myself.  I hope you enjoyed gazing at everything as much as I did with trying them.

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