Top 5 Fitness Hacks To Keep Your Exercise On Track

Top 5 Hacks To Keep Your Exercise On TrackWe all want to be fit don’t we, ladies? Sometimes it doesn’t always work out like we want and we may fall off track.  Those intermittent breaks from the routine could end up with us never going back to it.  To avoid quitting, we all look for some simple tricks and hacks to keep us on track that do not require much effort, but helps us stay in shape.

So, save your day by checking out these awesome tricks and hacks.

Broadcast Your Goals

Let your friends and family know about what you want to achieve. There is no better way to keep you on track, indirectly. This will keep you on an edge to keep working towards your goal. This way, you will not only be accountable to yourself, but to the people around you. Get every one of them to support you. Make sure to note down everything and post pictures all around of the things you want. Then go through it daily. Set specific goals with small milestones to achieve. This will keep you motivated for a long time and help you stick to your plans.

Eat More Frequently

Well, you read that right. Eat more frequently, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat more food. So, calm down ladies! We are just asking you to break down your 3 meals into smaller parts and to have them frequently. Scientifically, it has been proven that eating more frequently can stimulate your metabolism, which can help burn more calories throughout the day. This can also help you improve your concentration, mood and keep your blood sugar level in check. Therefore, plan your meals, if possible and make the most of it. 

Try New Exercises

Regularly exercising keeps your body fit. But, you need to stop if you are continuously repeating the same workout routine and begin to experiment. You’ll get bored easily, if you don’t try new exercises. Like, you can take your workout routine outside, in the sun. Do not forget to wear sunscreen. Make sure to keep the best natural body wipes handy. Exposure to UV rays releases nitric oxide in the skin. It helps you to shed a little extra weight. Every time you try something different, you can reward yourself or even pay yourself. How cool will that be?

Apart from getting bored, you need to know when to change your workout routine.      Our bodies adapt to these exercises and they stop giving results and benefits like they once used to. Therefore, learn to listen to your body to stay healthy and focused.

Workout With Your Pal

Scientists recommend to workout with people fitter than you. This helps you improve 20% more than usual. If you can’t find someone fitter than you to workout with, you can always find a good friend to help. Everyone cancels the plan every now and then. It’s easier to cancel when you are working out alone than on a friend who’ll be counting on you. And, no one wants to let down their friend by bailing out on him or her. Therefore, once you get in the habit of working out together, you won’t even think about cancelling your plans.

Your sessions will become more fun and you’ll work even harder. With a friend by your side you will never need someone to spot you. This will bring you back on track in no time. Along with that, do not forget to maintain good hygiene. Fungal skin infection is common among people who go to the gym. They can surface, when you come in contact with infected skin or object used by an infected person. To avoid such infections use an antifungal body wash. 

Exercise To Fast Music

Who doesn’t love music? Honestly, I have the best time working out with my favorite music.  It, not just only elevate the mood, it makes you want to move. According to the latest studies, music is a kind of distraction and can boost athletic performance by 15%. The faster the music, the better it is. A study shows that music between 120 to 140 beats per minute works the best. It makes the person less aware of their exertion and you end up working longer and harder.

There are many other options available like podcasts, books or ambient sounds. Make a habit to listen to podcasts or books specifically while working out. This will keep you motivated the next day as well. If you do not want to extend your workout routine, make a playlist as long as you plan to exercise. This will also keep you from constantly checking the time. Problem solved!

These little tricks and hacks will give you the motivation and energy to keep working towards the goals you have set for yourself. Do not miss the opportunity to try them all. The little steps are the ones that change your life. The right time is now. Keep fighting!

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2 Replies to "Top 5 Fitness Hacks To Keep Your Exercise On Track"

  • comment-avatar
    Kim May 24, 2016 (10:16 pm)

    Another tip I think Keep Your Workout Time at 50 Minutes or Less. You don’t need marathon training sessions to have effective workouts. You will get better fat burning results with short burst circuit weight training workouts of 50 minutes or less and interval cardio sessions of about 20 minutes.

  • comment-avatar
    May 27, 2016 (5:30 am)

    BEST way for me is the fast music tip 🙂 180 bpm or more!