Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Busted

Let’s talk through the top 5 weight loss myths and shed light on facts vs. fiction.

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There’s been a lot of weight loss myths and questions floating around regarding what’s healthy and the best way to lose excess weight.  In our online fitness accountability group we get questions all the time about ACV detox, body wraps, best time to workout and the list goes on and one.

I did a webinar with Dr. Phoenyx on this topic but I thought I would still highlight some of the more common weight-loss myths so we can squash them once and for all.  So here goes.

Myth #1 – Lifting heavy weights will bulk women up – WRONG

Bottom line the average adult woman does not produce enough testosterone which is the hormone that helps men bulk up from lifting heavy weights.

Actually lifting heavy weights will tone you up and help you burn more calories in a rested state because muscles burn more calories than fat period.

Myth #2 – Calculating your BMI is the only thing worthwhile – WRONG

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. I do not place a lot of merit in this method because in my honest opinion it is oversimplified.

It is simply a calculation taking your weight and dividing by your height (in inches) squared and multiplying by 703.  There is a percentage range considered underweight (< 18.5), healthy weight (18.5 – 24.9), overweight (25 – 29.9) and obese (>30).

The problem I have with ONLY using this method is it doesn’t take much into consideration such as genetics, gender, age, etc. Someone could be heavier and healthy because they are muscle solid and are active, an athlete, fit and trim.

I do not think this is the only measurement that should be taken into consideration solely when measuring one’s fit factor.

Myth #3 – Is there a best time of day to work out? YES

There is a best time of day to workout and that is when YOU have the most energy because then you will do your best during your workout.

If you are a morning person but work out during non-optimal times of day you may find yourself tired, fatigued and having difficulty executing the workout.

Each person is different so find your best time of day and try and schedule your workout activity around that.

Myth #4 – The more you sweat the more fat you burn? WRONG

This is one of the most common myths floating around. Folks think that if they are sweating that automatically means they are burning fat.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

All it means is that that part of your body is overheated and your body is sweating to regulate its temperature. Nothing more. Wrapping your stomach in Saran Wrap will make your stomach sweat because it is hot and wants to cool off.

The act of sweating doesn’t mean that melted fat oozing from your pores. There ARE benefits to sweating though so don’t get me wrong.

Sweat releases toxins from the body so get your sweat on but it doesn’t automatically correlate to fat loss.

Myth #5 – If you work out on an empty stomach do you burn more fat vs. carbs? YES

Your body is going to use the easiest source of energy to fuel your workouts. So if you eat say a bagel before you workout, when you work out your body will burn off that bagel as fuel before it taps into your body’s fat stores.

If you have no food on your stomach when you workout first thing in the morning then your body will tap into your fat stores quicker for its energy source since there is minimal glucose from carbs available on an empty stomach.  It’s a great method to utilize to lose inches by burning excess fat.

This method is called “Fasted Cardio”.

Watch the video here.



There you have it.  Let’s bust these common weight-loss myths once and for all.

What are some other common weight-loss myths you’ve heard of?


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