Twelve Days of Fitness – Day 11


I’m recording Day 11 of the Twelve Days of Fitness challenge by Fit Armadillo.  This challenge encourages fitness bloggers to blog every day for the next 12 days about our workouts.


Let’s see where do I start?  Today I signed up for an hour of Sanders Optimum Fitness boot camp which I have been doing for well over a year.  The time was a little different as we typically workout early in the morning, today’s workout was at 12:30 pm.  That is very late for me – I really do not like working out that late but hey what can you?  We also went to a different location today (St. Paul’s School for Girls in Lutherville, MD).  VERY nice campus.

So I leave my house at noon b/c it is only 15 minutes away and I get there on campus by 12:15 pm but ended up driving and walking around another 20 or so minutes trying to find the gym!  I finally found it and was late.  I hate being late b/c I missed about 15 minutes of the workout but I wasn’t alone.  About five of us walked in together.  Ha!  Who knew there were 2 gyms on campus and the gym we were working out in was behind a building, down the hill and through the woods.  Thank goodness for a man driving by who could tell we were lost and directed us to the right spot.

We got in there and sign in.  I have to tinkle.  So there you go MORE time lost.  I rush back from the ladies’ room and jump right into the jumping jacks.  At jumping jack 80 I realize I did not put on  my Polar FT4 HRM!  DRAT!  I was going to screenshot the calories burned for this post!  GRRRRR!  Oh well I kept it going.

We did over 100 jumping jacks, gazillion squats, push up pyramids and ab work!  Actually I was hanging and not feeling as out of breath as I thought I would feel.  YAY me!  I guess doing my challenges over the break actually HELPED me stay somewhat in the game!  We will see come Monday because we go back to our normal spot and that gym is much bigger.  We will be sprinting up and down that court I just know it.

It was all good!  Got to see some folks from boot camp I hadn’t seen in over 2 weeks.  Felt good to be back with it.  After it was over I noticed an old friend was in there.  I guess all the times I spammed her inbox with these free sessions she decided to show up!  I was very happy to see her.  As I was walking out my husband called and my dentist can see me at 2 pm vs. 4:30 pm to fix my filling which fell out.

Two hours later I came home and now 1 hour more I sit here typing with a sore mouth!  OUCH!





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2 Replies to "Twelve Days of Fitness - Day 11"

  • comment-avatar
    Nadya January 5, 2014 (2:46 am)

    Good job persevering to get to that class – whew!! You really got a good workout!
    Here’s to continuing the momentum throughout the year!

    • comment-avatar
      DSTPRL January 5, 2014 (2:48 am)

      Thank you. One person got back in his car and left but I was determined to find it. It ended up good.