I’m Running This Year 2014


I found this awesome challenge on Jill Conyer’s running blog and I thought to myself – why not try this?  You need something to get you out of your comfort zone so-to-speak.  So I registered for her “Run This Year 2014” challenge.  This challenge allows you to run 2,014 miles or 2,014 kilometers in just 12 months starting January 1.  It looks like they already had a group virtual run January 1st that I missed but oh well – no time like the present right?

To learn more and sign up is very easy!

Step #1:  To learn more about this challenge go here:  http://runninghutch.com/runthisyear/

Step #2:  To enter you first REGISTER HERE:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/193hXG7SDfokTf98SlIs4LJJYR8CsZb3lnXTREyudo6E/viewform

Step #3:  Start running!

Step #4:  Enter their giveaways here:  http://runninghutch.com/category/a-running-challenge/.  The more people who sign up and participate, the better the giveaways!

Step #5:  Log your miles or kilometers in miles or kilometers on a regular basis here:  http://runninghutch.com/runthisyear/rty-mileage-entry/

And that’s IT!  My schedule stays busy but I definitely want to try something that I haven’t tried before.  So here it is!

How have you chosen to step out of your comfort zone this year?

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