How To Jump Rope For Weight Loss

Learn the different techniques you can use to jump rope and lose weight.

Here's the best way to jump rope to lose weight and burn fat. #jumprope #cardio #health #healthy #fitness #burnfat #jumpropeforfitness

Jumping rope is one of the best yet underrated forms of cardio around.  World-class athletes do it from boxers, football players, crossfitters and MMA fighters.  The reason being is because it blasts fat while helping to improve endurance, coordination and agility.

Right And Wrong Way

As with anything there is a right and wrong way to do it.  When jumping rope be sure to land softly on the balls of your feet.  Don’t land heavily on flat feet.  That will kill your knees.  Be sure to lightly hold the rope handles and use your wrist to turn the rope vs. your entire arm.


To ensure you are using the proper length jump rope stand on the rope with both foot and pull the handles up to your armpit.  The handles should not go beyond your armpits.  If they do, shorten your rope if you have an adjustable rope.

Jumping Variation Is Key

Skip, jump on a single leg, perform jumping jacks with your legs to break up the monotony and to keep it interesting.  Perform double unders where the rope goes under your feet twice in between landings to really take it up a notch.

Jump Rope Surfaces

Another important factor to consider while jumping rope is the surface you’re jumping on.  While you may be landing lightly on the balls of your feet, certain surfaces are better than other.  I highly recommend jumping on a mat because it helps absorb the shock and is easy on the joints.  Many people enjoy jumping rope outdoors in their driveway or sidewalk.

That’s ok but wreaks havoc on your knees as concrete doesn’t have any give.  Jump on that surface long enough you may begin to experience frequent shin splints.  Asphalt is a little better but not much.

I highly recommend purchasing a jump rope mat or jumping on a track which tends to be softer and easier on the joints.

Jump Rope Benefits

Besides the benefit of losing excess weight jumping rope promotes a lot of other health benefits.  Jumping rope just 5 minutes a day improves over physical fitness by leaps and bounds and if you can jump consistently for 10 minutes, the benefits increase even further.

Here are some additional benefits of jumping rope.

  1. Jump rope burns mega calories and more than jogging
  2. It improves foot coordination
  3. Strengthens the foot, ankle, and calves
  4. Tones the legs
  5. Improves bone density which is important as we age
  6. It develops a healthy cardiovascular system and improves stamina
  7. Enhances breathing efficiency
  8. Improves memory and mental alertness
  9. Improves focus
  10. Helps your lymphatic system rid your body of toxins

Jump Rope Workouts

If you are interested in jumping rope to lose weight there is an optimal way to do it.  It’s called HIIT or high intensity interval training.  The way it works is you have a period of recovery and a period of intense work.

They can be broken up into 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1 rest to work ratios.  During the work period be sure to increase the speed in which you jump.  I call it speed rope but basically it isn’t a walk or rather skip in the park.

It should feel intense and you should begin to feel your heart rate increase.

During recovery either slow down to half the speed or stop all together for the scheduled duration and then start back up.  This form of training not only burns excess amounts of fat, it will help make your heart stronger too.

The stop and start nature forces your body to use more energy to get active from rest than if you were to perform steady-state jump rope.  It’s challenging but gets the job done in less time than steady state.

The Ultimate Jump Rope Challenge and Workout

If you are ready to get started try either The Ultimate Jump Rope Challenge, Jump Into Summer Challenge or if you are advanced, The Death By Jump Challenge.

There’s even an integrated cardio workout posted below to incinerate fat.  Let me know which one you try and hit me up on Instagram by tagging me @FemmeFitaleFitClub so I can give you a shout out!

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Jump And Juice Challenge

Try these juicing recipes while following one of the jump rope challenges to energize your body and jumps.

Credit:  Juicing recipes by JuicinwithJazz of Fountain Of Life Coaching.

Burn more fat, gain more energy and do you body good with fresh pressed homemade juice with this Jump and Juice challenge.  Grab a jump rope and your juicer and enjoy the challenge.  #juicing #juice #jumprope #jumpandjuice #greenjuice #beetjuice #vegan #rawfood #organic #foodie #juicer


Jump Into Spring Jump Rope Challenge

Leave a comment below if you are in and plan to participate in this challenge.

Also, here are tips to be successful with this 30-day jump rope challenge.

  • Land lightly on the balls of your feet
  • Do not land flat footed
  • Jump on a soft surface like a jump rope mat
  • Join our accountability group
  • Download a jump rope counter app like Jump Rope Master to share your daily and cumulative total number of jumps
  • Use challenge hashtag #JumpIntoSpringJumpRopeChallenge and tag me @FemmeFitaleFitClub on Instagram.  Follow me too.

Build up your endurance over the course of 30 days with this Jump Into Sprint Jump Rope challenge. You will go from jumping 5 minutes a day up to a full 30 minutes. Try it.  #jumpintospring #jumpropechallenge #cardio #health #healthy #fitness #burnfat #jumpropeforfitness


The Ultimate Jump Rope Challenge

Build up your endurance over the course of 30 days with this ultimate jump rope challenge. You will go from jumping 5 minutes a day up to a full 30 minutes. Try it. #jumpropechallenge #cardio #health #healthy #fitness #burnfat #jumpropeforfitness


31-Day Death By Jump Rope Challenge

Jump right on in and try this ultimate Death By Jump Rope Challenge for the next 31 days. #deathbyjumprope #jumpropechallenge #cardio #health #healthy #fitness #burnfat #jumpropeforfitness


30-Day Challenge

The best way to lose weight and burn fat is with this ultimate Jump Into Summer challenge which lasts for the next 30 days. #jumprope #cardio #health #healthy #fitness #burnfat #jumpropeforfitness


Try this 28-day fitness challenge as a great alternative to running.  It helps burn major calories as well as fat. #jumpropechallenge #jumprope #cardio


Jump In Weights And Cardio Workout

This Jump In workout integrates cardio in between strength exercises to help you burn fat while toning. #jumpin #cardioworkout #cardio #jumprope #speedrope #mma #crossfit #boxing

Have you tried jumping rope?  

How many calories do you typically burn?

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