J is for Jump Rope


Easily one of my favorite forms of cardio, I think many of us forget how effective jumping rope is.  I decided to buy a jump rope years into my adulthood when I watched Zuzana of Zuzka Light and formerly of the BodyRock TV days jumping rope and working up a sweat.  Another fitness guru who got me motivated to jump rope was Jennifer Nicole Lee.  That girl could work a speed rope and I wanted to do it just like she did as well.

We jump rope during intervals at boot camp and I never come out of there with less than 500+ calories burned in an hour.  I guess that is the why jump rope is the boxer’s go-to form of cardio along with running.   I’ve used jump rope as a 5-minute warm up before a workout as well as a workout in and of itself by jumping speed rope for 20 minutes in 5 minute intervals with a 1 minute break in between.  

Check out Jennifer Nicole Lee and some of her fancy foot moves while jumping rope.  Bet you didn’t realize jump rope, an old school playground favorite, could serve you well as an adult along your fitness journey eh?  Try it while wearing your heart rate monitor and leave a comment with the amount of calories you burned.


How many calories did you burn jumping rope?

Don’t own a jump rope or heart rate monitor?  Check out our recommended favorites.

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