FFFC #Challenge #17: Planking

For rock hard abs it is important to uncover the fat to reveal those abs.  Once you uncover the fat, this challenge will help ensure, there are strong abs underneath to put on display.  Besides being a showpiece, having a strong core is extremely beneficial.

Here are some primary benefits:

  • Provides stability during exercising.
  • Supports your back
  • Assists with good posture

So what are you waiting for?  Embrace this challenge and get stronger abs NOW!

Monday – Friday 3 Sets of Planks

1 minute plank hold

1 minute side plank hold – left

1 minute side plank hold – right


  • Keep the back straight
  • Don’t drop the hips
  • If you want to kick it up a notch while doing the front plank raise your right or left leg for 5 seconds each
  • Incorporate a balance ball for an additional challenge
  • Incorporate planks in between cardio sets (i.e. high knees, jump rope, treadmill, etc.)


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