Detox Restart

What I love about life?  As long as you have breath you have opportunity to turn things around!  Praise God for the many chances.  Anywho – I restarted my detox cleanse today by taking the initial 4 oz of my Detox Tonic by Chef Ahki.  As expected, the taste was bitter and lingering but since I knew what to expect it wasn’t as shocking as it was initially.  Also, my trick is to hold my breath until I get it all the way down.

From here on out I will be taking 1 oz in the morning and 1 oz in the evening for the next three weeks.  It is going to help me get back on track with my nutrition so BOTTOMS UP!

If you are interested in copping your own Essence of Vitality detox click HERE.  If you decide to detox with this please leave me a comment and let me know about your results!  Let’s GO!

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