FFFC Challenge #16: (REPEAT CHALLENGE 14) 7-8 Hours of Sleep a Night

We are keeping this challenge simple and straightforward.  The plan is to complete a full body circuit 3 times, 3 days this week.

Complete Full Circuit Cardio

1 minute high knees

1 minute jumping jacks

1 minute mountain climbers

1 minute jump squats

1 minute split jumps

Now, in order for this cardio circuit to be effective you MUST keep it moving from exercise to exercise stopping to break after you complete 1 full circuit.  Track the # of reps you complete in that minute for each circuit.  Repeat this circuit 3 times and you would have gotten in quick cardio in 15 short minutes.  In order to be effective and burn fat, you must up the intensity.  The intensity is what allows you to perform this circuit within a short time yet still get your heart rate up and BURN FAT!  Gotta love it.  Try it and leave the # of reps you complete for each exercise within that minute.


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