The Best Cardio Exercises For Low Back Pain Sufferers

If you experience low back pain but want to stay in shape with cardio, here are some of the best cardio exercises for low back pain sufferers. #lowbackpain #lbp

Cardio refers to activities that increase your heart rate. When there is an increase in the heart rate it helps make your heart stronger, and if you have a strong heart you will have a stronger body. When your heart pumps oxygen without difficulty throughout the body it helps your body perform in a better way.

From fighting germs, to healing cuts, and repairing muscles, you need a strong heart to stay healthy.

However, if you suffer from back pain it can make it difficult for you to do some cardio activities, but this does not mean you cannot do cardio at all.

Low-impact Cardio Is Right For You

Cardio requires you to move your body fast. However, not every cardio is the same. For instance, when you run it involves lots of impact. Practicing this regularly can have a great impact on your cartilage, and for back pain sufferers this can create compression in their spinal column.

So, if you feel you suffer from a sore back post running it is a hint you need to stop. Instead, you need to try some low-impact cardio exercise that will not strain and instead support your back.

Without further wait let us get to discover the cardio for back pain workouts that you can start practicing right away.

Start Swimming


Swimming is one of the best low impact cardio workouts that is jut ideal for back pain sufferers. No matter what your age is, swimming will not harm, and you can modify the intensity depending on the needs of your body.

While you swim, the water will support your back while helping you to push yourself, getting your heart rate higher. To make your laps interesting you can use fins, pull buoys, and flutter boards.

Go Cycling

woman on spin bike tabata

Cycling is yet another great option for you and is quite easy to perform. You can bike outside or take help from a bike trainer and workout using a stationary bike.

Together with being a good cardio workout, cycling also strengthens your hip flexors and this can remove tension caused pressure from your back.

Use The Elliptical Machine

Which is better for fat loss_ Cardio or Weight Training_ #resistancetraining #cardio #hiit #hiitcardio

If, before experiencing the back pain, you used to love running, then an elliptical machine is just right for you. This machine, as you obviously know, is an alternative to running, so that there is no impact but you still enjoy the motion.

Though it is not something you will experience while running on the road, but you will still enjoy running, and no back pain to worry about.

Practice Yoga


You just need to select the right yoga movement and it will provide you a good cardio workout. You can opt for classes that are labeled as Vinyasa or flow.

In such classes, you will get to learn movements that will increase your heart rate. Hot yoga is just ideal if you want to get your heart rate pumping high.

Water Aerobics


A water aerobic class is also a good option and perfect for those looking
for cardio to weight loss
without affecting their back. In this case, your body will be supported by water, so there is nothing you need to worry about. You can run or do anything else to increase your heart rate and enjoy the benefits.

True that you will have to adjust yourself to a whole new routine, something that you are not comfortable with yet, but be sure the results will be great. It is just not a good idea to stop getting involved in a cardio workout because you are suffering from back pain. This will only increase stiffness and cause unnecessary tension. So, you must exercise regularly.

Moreover, exercising will also improve your mood by releasing the feel-good endorphins, and thus you will always be happy and positive.

However, since you are starting cardio after quite some time, begin slowly, gently, and allow your body and back to get accustomed once again.

Without wasting any more time start practicing these exercise right from today, and pave way to a more fitter, healthier, and happier you.


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2 Replies to "The Best Cardio Exercises For Low Back Pain Sufferers"

  • comment-avatar
    mike mcleish November 27, 2016 (6:20 am)

    I’d also add that strengthening the muscles that support the lower back are as important. In particular take a look at some glute strengthening exercises as these tent to be weak in most people. More often then not you’ll find that the problem is not the back itself but muscle weaknesses in other areas

  • comment-avatar
    Chris Gergiou March 4, 2020 (1:08 am)

    Cardio exercises are very helpful for any kind of back pain. I have seen many people benefitting from this. But I would recommend you to do all the exercise under the instruction and guidance of a fitness trainer or a chiropractor. Thanks for this information.