6 Reasons Why You Want to Invest in At-Home Cardio Equipment

If you aren’t sure if you need cardio equipment for your home, here are 6 reasons why it’s a good idea to consider it.
Here are 6 key reasons why you want to invest in cardio equipment for your home. #cardio #elliptical #treadmill #incumbentbike #gymequipment #homegym #homegoods #johnsonfitness #matrixfitness #MatrixTF30

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Matrix Fitness. All opinions are my own.

It is getting cooler outside and for some, performing cardio outdoors or heading off to the gym to jump on a machine is just not in the cards.  I have a solution – at-home cardio equipment.

Trust me, as someone who has cardio equipment in her home, it is the best thing and here’s why.

Reason #1:  Convenience

If I wake up late or if I am behind schedule I can jump on my home treadmill or elliptical to get in a quick cardio sweat sesh.  It is not only convenient it doesn’t require me to waste time travelling anywhere.

You also always can guarantee you can jump on it whenever you want vs. waiting your turn in a crowded gym.

Reason #2:  You don’t have to worry about coming behind someone else’s sweat

I am serious – hygiene is a factor when you are working out on treadmills used by multiple people in the gym.

Having the luxury of not worrying about other people’s sweat (other than perhaps family members) is a major bonus when you use your own cardio equipment at home.

Reason #3:  You can go intense in peace

High intensity interval training is not only all the rage but effective in burning fat during and after training is complete.

Some of the latest at-home treadmills and elliptical machines have custom programming that allows you to set up your own special program (that no one else will change).

You can modify your interval training according to your training needs without using a generic program found in public gym equipment.

Reason #4:  Know how much you’re actually burning

When you use equipment found in the gym you can’t enter your own profile (age, gender, etc.) to get a more accurate total calories burned which renders the information the cardio equipment shows you useless OR you have to wear extra heart rate monitors to get more accurate results.

With top-notch home cardio equipment, you can input your own profile stats and get accurate information about the level of effort you put in which will help you with your fitness goals.

Reason #5:  You can go as long as you want

Whether you want to do quick, short yet effective HIIT workout or a longer steady-state cardio one, owning a treadmill or elliptical in your home means you can stay on it as long as you want.

In some more popular and crowded gyms they have time constraints on cardio equipment because so many people are waiting for them which can be disruptive to your workout and overall training plan.

Reason #6:  Be entertained

Who has ever gone to workout at the gym which has a series of televisions only to have each screen on a channel you have no interest in?  That can get boring very quickly.

Plus, the screens can be too high which places your body in an awkward posture while on the machine.

Not with at-home equipment.

If you purchase the right one, you can get a cardio machine with entertaining add-ons and screens that don’t require you to crank your neck.  And let’s face it, the more fun the workout is the more likely you will stick with it.

Are you convinced you need to get some cardio equipment for your home but don’t know where to start?

It’s your lucky day.  Matrix Fitness has just released a line of top-quality elliptical machines and treadmills for the home that is sure to fit any budget.

Here are 6 key reasons why you want to invest in cardio equipment for your home. #cardio #elliptical #treadmill #incumbentbike #gymequipment #homegym #homegoods #johnsonfitness #matrixfitness #TF30

The Matrix Fitness cardio machines come fully loaded with a lot of useful accessories and add-ons too which add to the value of what you’d be getting such as:

  • ViaFit easily integrates the results of your home cardio machine workouts to the fitness apps you designate
  • High-definition destination footage on the machine console for a totally immersive experience
  • Sprint 8 which is a series of built-in HIIT routines which will help you trim body fat in as little as 8 weeks

  • Innovative console technology which houses a variety of built-in workouts to keep your body guessing and provides feedback such as rolling hills, calorie, distance, fat burn, incline, speed and HIIT 8 to name a few.
  • Wi-Fi enabled for easy integration with your favorite fitness apps

When you purchase a treadmill or elliptical machine by Matrix Fitness they offer:

  • Free shipping
  • 30-Day 100% refund guarantee
  • Easy financing
  • In-home delivery and set up
  • You can try it in store before you buy it
  • Gain a partner for life with their best in class customer service
  • Enjoy a rewards program and earn free equipment such as gym mats and passport player packs
  • Warranty

Check out my test “run” of their Matrix T70 Treadmill with XIR Console:

To take advantage of these awesome offers and benefits make sure you locate and shop at a store near you Matrix T70 Treadmill.

matrix-fitness-elliptical #cardio #elliptical #matrixfitness #johnsonfitness

The Matrix Fitness line of cardio equipment is world-class and would be an excellent investment in your home gym and your good health.  Shop now for yours.

Which of the treadmills and/or elliptical machines by Matrix Fitness have you put on your wish list?

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