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New Equipment Madness

Has anyone ventured into their gym lately and seen this thing? One day I did and was like (^@(*&@^#(@!  So brave me (yeah right) decided to jump on.  Umm, the thing does not appear to be turned on (none of the lights are on).  Oh oh I have to start peddling to get the thing to light up so I can set my workout.  After figuring that out, ...

HBO Documentary – The Weight Of The Nation

I started watching the first of a 4-part HBO documentary which tackles America's obesity problem head on!  The first 2 parts aired May 14 and the last 2 air tonight.  If you watch, share your thoughts on it.

Look what came in the mail – The Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan

Going through my email inbox I found a link to this web ad on bodybuilding.com which is a major website for those who work out with weights to build muscle.  There is a host of information on this site who are intense and intent on this way of life. I must have subscribed to something because I received an email which linked me to this page ...