If You Didn’t Come To Party

Then you should go home.  That is how it is in boot camp.  If you didn’t come to work hard – why come out at 5:30 am at all?  We don’t come out there to sit on the wall or the bleachers.  We come out there to WORK!  Today was no different.  Thursdays are normally toning day and that means we focus on hand weights and upper and lower body exercises for overall strengthening and toning.

Of course we are going to start off with some form of cardio.  Just can’t get away from it.  Mercifully the warm up was very light.  I mean we didn’t even have a sprint in there – I was grateful.  Next came the push up pyramids.  That means 20 SETS!!!!!!  I’m posting it below so you can do this at home.  These are done as all standard push ups.  NO CHEATING and there is no such thing as “female” or “lady” push ups.  Either you are on your toes or you are modified (on your knees or pushing off a wall) depending upon your physical capabilities.  Pardon the correction but I am a female AND A lady and I do push ups on my toes (standard)!  Women can have some upper body strength ya know.  😉

Push Up Pyramids
Set Exercise Reps
1 Push   Up 1
2 Push   Up 2
3 Push   Up 3
4 Push   Up 4
5 Push   Up 5
6 Push   Up 6
7 Push   Up 7
8 Push   Up 8
9 Push   Up 9
10 Push   Up 10
11 Push   Up 11
12 Push   Up 12
13 Push   Up 13
14 Push   Up 14
15 Push   Up 15
16 Push   Up 16
17 Push   Up 17
18 Push   Up 18
19 Push   Up 19
20 Push   Up 20

Next came the dreaded command of group 1 lining up on the baseline.  We know what that means – 15 touches!  I have to say today was not as bad of a day as normal.  I was about 3 seconds away from making the 15 touches!!!  Not bad at all but then again we weren’t exhausted from sprints from the warm up or constant jogging for 1 mile.  I was satisfied.  Then we got those 2 sets of 30-second suicides out of the way and I made it in around 29.5 seconds.  TWICE!!!  That is very good for me because I normally come in slower the second time out of the block.  YAY!

We ended with a variety of weighted and non-weighted exercises.  We ended up with those God-awful squat side walks which takes us FOREVER to finish because the gym is so long and we are so slow.  LOLOL!!  Then we ended with walking lunges but we did not finish because time ran out and again we were slow.  All in all we had a great workout this morning and I got to burn calories!


And got that heart rate up too.


Drenched my shirt with sweat.


And got a good shower when I got home to get ready for work.  I had mad energy at work this morning.

What did you accomplish along your fitness journey today that made you proud?  Post in comments.

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