My New Normal

I have been working out regularly since 2008.  I started working out regularly again then because I went out with some friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen for a year, and she looked FANTASTIC.  Small waist, petite physique … all that.  I wanted to learn how she got that way.  I found out she had been working with a personal trainer.  I knew I had to have it and that is how my twice weekly 30-minute sessions began.  I worked with her regularly from 2008 to about June 2009.  I got laid off in April 2009 so I let my sessions run out until I got back working and could afford paying her again.

It was a fantastic journey because she taught me so much.  She is the first person who talked to me about eating clean and exposed me to other fitness magazines besides SHAPE and FITNESS.  Nothing is wrong with those mags and they serve their purpose but I was looking for something more.  I ended up with subscriptions to Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness HERS as well as Fitness Rx.  I must admit – when I first looked at Fitness Rx it read like all science to me.  I got better and it got better and now it is one of my most favorite magazines.  I wish they published an issue monthly but unfortunately M&F HERS and Fitness Rx only publish every other month,.

She showed me the same exercises done differently intended to work different muscles.  It took the workouts to the next level.  I did cardio on my own when not working out with my personal trainer (Heather).  I did the cardio workouts from Oxygen and other magazines to mix it up.  Their treadmill routines were tough but it helped me with my endurance.  I started doing cardio on the Stepmill in November 2011 and it was GREAT!  That really got my heart pumping and the sweat popping.

I then later discovered and started going to boot camp as of August 2012.  My new love was found.  It challenged me in ways I never thought I could be challenged.  It really helped me see what my body could do and also showed me with hard work my body WILL positively RESPOND.  I still attend boot camp but will be taking a break in May 2013.  I feel like my body is ready for a new challenge and that is what I am in search of.

Back in 2009-2010 I always strived to work out 5 days a week but it NEVER became a reality.  I would easily work out 2 times a week because I had a reason to – working out with Heather, but other than that…I would be lucky to get in another day because the bed was calling and sleeping in was just so easy – especially in the Winter time.  Now my body wakes up at 5:10 am on its own 6 days a week and I definitely work out 5 days a week.  It is my new normal.  I finally did it.  It took signing up for a 3-time a week fitness class at 5:30 am to make it happen.  What do I do on the other 2 days?  I work out with Heather at 6 am of course.  This month I am taking a break from her but I go back to her in May for our twice a week sessions.  This new normal now feels well…normal.  Sleeping in for me is now sleeping until 6:30 am.  It doesn’t feel like a workout unless I am warming up with a mile run under 9 minutes or breaking a sweat so bad it drips into my eyes after the first 15 minutes.  It is all MY new normal and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What is your “normal”?  Leave a comment and tell us all about it.

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