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I recently posted a question on the Femme Fitale Fit Club public Facebook page asking everyone their favorite fitness app.  Unanimously folks came back stating they love their Fitbit device and app.  That of course raised my curiosity so I started lookin around.  My husband did mention Fitbit to me as a way to track your sleep pattern to help you get more sleep and since that is an April 2013 challenge I really wanted to understand more about that.

I went to Best Buy last weekend to purchase my Polar FT4 HRM which I absolutely LOVE and right next to it was a bunch of Fitbit trackers.  I am trying to educate myself so I spent a little time reading the packaging.  It appears there are several versions/types of trackers along with the app and the folks I know who own one have different versions.  OY!

Soooo I set out on my own to figure out this wonderful world of Fitbit.  Here is what I found.




This is the newest and latest device from this company called the “FLEX” and is due out this Spring!  It tracks activity wirelessly as well as sleep.  It’s cute and indiscrete as it fits on your wrist and comes in other bright colors.  OH, this is also WATER RESISTANT!  That means you wear this in the shower or bath!






This is called “ONE” and is also tracks activity wirelessly as well as sleep.  It comes in other colors and tracks alot (steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, whether you climbed stairs just to name a few).  This itty bitty thing is a power house!






Next up you have the “ZIP”.  It is an activity tracker ONLY therefore it costs a little less than the other device.  This is what I saw in Best Buy as I stood there for 20 minutes trying to figure out what this did an how it could help me.  It comes in other bright colors and easily clips on to your clothing.  For those who are simply trying to start moving and tracking this – this is for YOU!






This is the “ARIA” scale.  I own a Tanita body scale but I tell ya, this one might give it a run for its money.  This puppy is Wi-Fi enabled, syncs your statistics and progress to the app over wi-fi, and tracks body fat, weight and BMI!  Wow… this baby the TURBO of body weight scales!  I plan to jump on this thing at Best Buy to see how I like it.  Anyone looking to get fit knows alot has to do with body composition vs. simply weighing less since muscle weighs more than fat but is more compact than fat.

Now let’s talk price point.  These bad boys aren’t cheap.  I would say they are mid-range.  The cheapest item is the “ZIP” and that is about $60 bucks.  The scale appears to cost the most at around $120 but considering what it does, sounds like a good value.  The online app is FREE and can be downloaded from any of the popular online stores.


As you can see, I downloaded the app and now need to set it up.  I don’t have a Fitbit tracker yet but who knows…….I will continue doing more research.  I did check out their public Facebook page HERE and signed up to become an Ambassador.  Seems they posted that offer a few weeks ago so I may be just straight out of luck by this time but we shall see.  Ya never know.

In the meantime I will keep you all posted if I ever end up buying me one of these!

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