March is Zumba Month at FFFC!


I have been hearing about Zumba for well over 4 years now.  My co-worker approached me after taking a class and told me that she thought I would love it!  Four years later I still haven’t taken a Zumba class.  It has grown in popularity and now there are Wii games, additional classes at the gym, Zumba events and well it has really taken off!  I can see why – you are moving to fun music and it helps to get the heart rate up.  Who doesn’t enjoy dancing?  I know I enjoy good dancing to GOOD music.  Also all that movement is very good for a healthy heart.

I thought FFFC would explore all things Zumba this month and share with our readers our experience.  What I mean by explore?  Ohhhh talk to Zumba instructors, possibly try and take a class or 2 and see what this is all about.  Perhaps we find a new favorite form of exercise.  OR maybe our experience piques your interest to try it if you haven’t already and you find a new fave!  Either way we are celebrating everyone doing the best they can do for their health!  You only have one body – we must take care of it!

If you would like to share your love for Zumba with our readers please contact me at [email protected]!

This is my FIRST time ever seeing Zumba live and in full color!  These people had a ball!!!

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