Where Have You Been All My Life – Polar FT4 Review

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If you have been following this blog you know I had an HRM I used that gave me less than stellar results.  You would also know I have been participating in boot camp since like August 2012 and am still in my last session (I plan to take a break for April).  Anywho – based on reading so many other pages and posts, I finally found a heart rate monitor that fits my stringent criteria – PolarFT4:

1.  ACCURATE at all times

2.  Easy to use

3.  Easy to read

4.  Did I say ACCURATE

Thank you to everyone who shared your opinions because the Polar FT4 is my new-found love.  I just kept looking at it today asking “Where have you been all my life”?  I set it up last night with my basic information and went to boot camp today READY, snow and all!  IMG_0184  I am out there at 5:30 am in the pitch dark surprised by all the snow on the ground but nothing was going to deter me from getting my workout on with my Polar FT4.  Got my chest strap on (moistened the sensors), put my watch on and I was like a kid in a candy store.

I get to boot camp and we start off with 11 laps around – not before I switch ON my Polar FT4 and am ready to go.  BTW 11 laps around the gym equals one mile in case you were interested.  🙂  Then the punishment begins with X drills, sprints, 15 touches, 30-second suicides, push up pyramid jog-sprint drills (17) and the list goes on and on.  At one point in my sprint or rather AFTER my sprint I checked my watch and it had a whopping 207 bpm flashing back at me!!!  Whooo hooooo!

At the end of our boot camp they always ask how many calories burned and for the past 6 or so months I was radio silent.  Today I chirped up – 597 all loud and proud because my HRM was dependable and showed my effort.  I know there is controversy as to whether to use a HRM or just simply eat clean and go HARD at the gym.  For some of us we are data driven and need to see the numbers to know whether we are doing all that we can or slacking.  Sometimes the numbers keeps us honest with ourselves.  Posting them may help others (I hope it does, that is my reason for now posting them and that is part of April’s Fitness Challenges as well so join the fun online with us on Facebook).

I can’t say enough great things about my Polar FT4.  It helped take my workout up another level because now I know my baseline and where I need to go and what I need to do to keep the results coming.  I know everything isn’t for everybody but if you are looking for an easy and dependable heart rate monitor – Polar FT4 may just be for YOU!

I had a great work out today – I hope you do too!


Disclaimer:  I purchased my Polar FT4 with my own funds and was not asked or compensated to review and recommend the Polar FT4.

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