The key to successful, healthy weight loss


Health is Wealth! There is nothing that can be achieved in life unless you have a healthy mind and body. Everything in this world is achieved through positive thoughts. A little thought put into leading a healthy life will do no harm. This will instead keep you going and strong enough to work harder to achieve your goals. There are many health issues that man has to deal with. Some of them are caused due to his negligence, while there are some that are caused due to stress and the change in lifestyle.

Weight loss is a major concern that most of us are worried about. People have tried ways and means to deal with this health problem, but have failed. The fact that excess weight gives rise to the risk of other severe health problems, has now made people more aware about the adverse effects of weight gain. This is when people start thinking about weight loss. But, are there only a few common ways in which one can lose weight? Are all these methods healthy enough? Let us take a look at a few habits that contribute to a healthy weight loss, that have helped many people reduce a considerable amount of weight.

Avoid the Unhealthy Weight Loss Practice:

People usually feel that going on a fad diet or consuming weight loss pills will help in losing weight faster. But, these methods proved to be failures and do not help with weight loss. These habits usually make you feel left out and get you back on track like you were before. You will be discouraged and will go back to the diet and habits that you previously followed. This will in fact make you increase some extra pounds of fat.

Avoid Emotional Eating:

The stress at work and at home can be the main cause of various health problems that people suffer from. Eating when you are stressed out, simply to refresh your mind, may only make you eat some extra pounds that may add to your weight. Therefore, it is rightly said that one should avoid eating while in stress or when busy with something else. Make time for food and eat patiently until your stomach is full.

Consume a lot of Fruits and Vegetables:

The high fiber and water content present in fruits and vegetables makes us feel full within more time. This prevents overeating. Thus, you can prefer munching on a few raw or steamed vegetables and some fruits that will help you maintain a healthy diet. You can use them in salads with some spices and a little olive oil to add taste. Fruits can also be a part of your daily breakfast. They will surely make you feel full and give you enough amount of energy that you may need.

Along with the eating habits that tell you to avoid a few unhealthy ones and get used to the good ones, there are also a few more things that will help you to maintain a healthy food environment.

Eat early:

Various studies have proved that eating a healthy breakfast is good for health. If you are on a weight loss regime, it is important to make sure that you consume the maximum amount of calories during the day and the least at night. Start with a heavy breakfast and end the day with a light dinner.

Cook your own Meal:

Home cooked food is always better than packaged food and that which is available in Restaurants. When you cook food, you can make sure that you manage the portions well, and add the ingredients in the right proportion. Food that is available outside contains a lot more calories, fat and preservatives that are harmful for the body.

Plan meals and snacks in advance:

Once you know the time when you usually feel hungry, make sure you are prepared to treat yourself with some healthy food. Plan your eating schedule the previous day and prepare well. This will not leave you hungry for a longer time. It will also prevent you from snacking on those unhealthy packaged foods that are available in the market.

Along with all these healthy eating habits, one also needs to focus on a healthy lifestyle. A few things that will help in following a healthy weight loss regime are:

  • Adequate amount of sleep.
  • Regular Exercise.
  • Yoga and meditation for releasing Stress.
  • Healthy Eating Habits.
  • Drinking lots of water.

When you think of following this healthy routine, do not turn back and search for reasons that will force you to avoid all of this. Thus, it is very important to stay motivated. It is rightly said that staying healthy is difficult. But losing weight to stay healthy is even more difficult. The things that will keep you motivated are as mentioned below.

  • Set some goals that will keep you motivated. You can aim at fitting into an old pretty dress or a pair of jeans that you used to wear some time ago.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family that will keep you motivated. The feeling that others are happy to see you turning into a beautiful you will keep you strong and encourage you to work harder.
  • Keep a track of the progress you see. A slight change in your weight or in the way you look, will encourage you to work harder to see better results.
  • Do not be discouraged if the process is slow. Slow processes are the ones that actually work. The artificial methods that promise sudden weight loss through unhealthy methods are the ones that give you only short term results.
  • It is not just the diet that you need to change. It is the entire lifestyle. Adopt to healthy habits in all that you do. This will help you stay fit and fine. You will love it when the results are seen. Until then, work out and be confident.

If you are now thinking of undergoing this regime, go ahead and do it! You just have to remember that a positive attitude and a determined mind will get you through.



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