Beating My Best, Jabra + Christmas List

Jabra Promo Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jabra. While I was compensated to write a post about Jabra Sport  Pulse Wireless Earbuds, all opinions are my own

Have you ever had a moment you felt would never come?  An experience where you thought you would never get to?  That’s what happened to me when I hit 15 touches in a minute in Sanders Optimum Fitness Boot Camp.  Let me share for a moment.  Fifteen touches are best known as sprint suicides.  You run back and forth between two points on the ground and the goal is to hit each line 15 times within 60 seconds.

For the longest time the best I could do were 13 ½ or 14 touches.  While that is very good and considered quite a fast sprint, fifteen touches remained the lofty goal.  And then my #BeatYourBest moment happened –  I made 15 touches.  The morning started like any other boot camp with warm ups, pushups, etc.  Then he said get on the black line and I knew what was in store.

I was relaxed and didn’t stress over it.  I figured, if I make it great, if I don’t no sweat.  Then he blew the whistle and we were off.   I felt strong and my legs did not get tired at the 30 second mark.  And just like that, 30 seconds later I was crossing the black line on my 15th touch and it was exhilarating.  I was gasping for air but I knew I had hit a major milestone.  There’s no feeling like that in the world.  I’ve since completed 15 touches maybe one more time after but that is ok.  I know if I put my mind to it I can do it again.

Just when you thought you gave your best, you find out you can actually do more.  Jabra believes in the same thing.  They make hands-free audio equipment.   With a dedication to superior sound, innovative technology, and an individual’s inner potential, the opportunities to improve your personal best with Jabra are endless.

Jabra Promo Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds #beatyourbest

The Jabra wireless line just launched their Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds.  I want them!!  These wireless earbuds have a biometric in-ear heart rate monitor that detects your heart rate built right into the headphones.   How cool is that?  You simply pair them to a free download of the Jabra Sport Life™ app and you are all set.

I know I track my heart rate during workouts to make sure I am putting in the work and burning those calories so being able to do that with a pair of headphones without any extra gear is pretty awesome.  These earphones are the first of its kind.

Check out this video to see them in action.

These are now on my Christmas list and if I am fortunate enough to have a family member or fitness friend dish out the $199 and gift me with a pair I plan to rock the following songs:

Jabra Playlist #beatyourbest

Nice playlist right?  Check out Jabra – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

When was the last time you #beatyourbest?

What fitness gear is on your Christmas list?

What songs are you rocking during workouts and runs?

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