Weight Loss Harder for Black Women – Really?

Weight Loss Harder For Black Women

Excerpt:  “Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that black women have to eat  less and exercise more than white women to lose the same amount of weight,  because their resting metabolic rates are lower.”

A cool dude, fitness and nutrition guru shared an article on Facebook titled “Weight Loss Harder for Black Women”.  I read it just to see what they were talking about and let me just say – they are full of malarcky!  Besides the title being over sensationalized and polarizing – they offer so little detail on their study you MUST question the validity of it.  Also, it makes one ask themselves, what was the motive behind this article and “study”?  Read for yourself here:  http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/weight-loss-harder-black-women-article-1.1558723#ixzz2oiPW88Or

Here’s an excerpt:

Article:  A new study has found that African-American women have to eat less or exercise  more in order to lose as much weight as their Caucasian counterparts.

FFFC:  Let’s look at that declaration for a minute.  First, we know how much weight is lost is due to a number of factors beyond just what you eat and how hard you exercise.  We here at Femme Fitale Fit Club care more about body composition (muscle/fat ratio) vs. just losing weight.  Losing pounds can be manipulated but pull out that measuring tape (which they do NOT mention they did for this study) and let the REAL show begin.  Bah humbug – I say this is a sensational and unproven statement based on the data they released in this article.

Article:  It’s a harsh reality that scientists from the University of Pittsburgh attribute  in part to their lower resting metabolic rates and lower calorie expenditure,  despite being put on the same exercise regime.

FFFC:  It’s a reality that is harsh?  REALLY?  They haven’t proven it fact in my opinion.  Now let’s see, what goes into a lower resting metabolic rate and calorie expenditure?  A number of factors yeah?  We do not have information on the physical health of the subjects, whether they had any acute or chronic ailments that would inhibit their resting metabolic rate or their health history.  All we know they featured obese women.  We do not even know their starting and ending weight and muscle mass.  The harsh reality is – their assessment is flimsy.

And here’s the KICKER

Article: Meanwhile, one of the biggest reasons African-American women avoid  exercising? In a study published last year, 40% of the 103 female respondents  said it was because they didn’t want to ruin their hairdo.

Given that hair care and hairstyle maintenance can be expensive for  African-American women, many ladies would rather opt to forego physical activity  and associated sweating, the report said.

FFFC:  OMG did they really say that?  Now how does exercise avoidance relate to a lower resting metabolic rate?  Are they trying to imply black women are lazy?  And due to our chronic laziness it has resulted in a lower resting metabolic rate?  This is such a loaded claim made in this article I just am not sure what to do with it.  For one – many women EVERY day workout with their hair grooming in mind.  If you look around the gym you see pony tails, head wraps and any and everything to preserve their hairdo so it isn’t something only attributed to black women.  And given their count of 103 female respondents I am confused.  according to their earlier stats 39 were black and 66 where white which equals 105 not 103.  And we are to believe the same scientists who can’t add can be trusted to get this study right with limited sampling and without sharing all of the data? 

Fitales – don’t fall for this.  There are many articles written which can be discouraging to someone new to working out or even someone who has been working out for months and years.  Articles like this do nothing but polarize us as women at BEST and diminishes our drive to do more for ourselves at least.  Weight loss is not the end game – fat loss and improved health is so keep on doing what you are doing because you all are fabulous!  I scream foul on this article and I spit in its general direction. 

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