Twelve Days of Fitness – Day 6


It is Day 6 of the Twelve Days of Fitness challenge by Fit Armadillo.  This challenge encourages fitness bloggers to blog every day for the next 12 days about our workouts.  I am hanging in there.

Today is Day 30 of the December challenge and it consists of 255 squats and 30 side plank reach throughs.  That may not sound like much but trust me it will have your legs, butt and hamstrings on fire as well as your obliques!  I did post a video demonstration for the ladies participating in this challenge so they know how exactly to execute.

Today is my day back at work so while my alarm clock did go off at 5:15 am today – I hit snooze until 6:35 am.  My initial plan was to wake up and workout on my treadmill but then I felt like my sleep was more important in this moment in time.  You see – during our normal days it is a mad dash in the morning.  Boot camp at 5:30 am until 6:30 am, rushing home to shower, get the kids ready, lunches, breakfast and out the door.  It’s enough to make you tired before you hit the office chair.

Today isn’t like that.  The children are out of school and hubby is home with them.  They are all still asleep as I type this.  So what did I choose to do?  Get more rest.  I got in seven hours matter of fact and I am pretty proud of myself.  That rarely happens.  I do plan to come home and knock out this challenge in our home gym even though working out in the evening is the WORST for me.  I prefer early mornings but hey – if you choose to sleep in you still have to get it in.

BTW was able to get my iFit Live component to work along with the iPad so I had a VISUAL of the road I was running on virtually while the treadmill was in motion.  I was running in Key West and it was fun.  I downloaded routes in China so I will let you know about all of the adventures I witness while running there.  Toodles, until next time.


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    December 30, 2013 (10:28 am)

    I LOVE side planks with a reach though 🙂 My clients and boot campers love to hate them! Glad you were able to sleep in and have a calmer day. Sleep is so important to fueling your workouts so it’s good to get those extra hours in when you can. I’m very intrigued by this ifit program now that I know you can run in Key West! How awesome. You’ll have to share some of your favorite locations with us as you get more into it. Happy Monday and half way through the challenge 🙂