The Ultimate Women’s Morning Fitness Routine for Energy and Strength

Learn a morning fitness routine that will help you have more energy and gain strength.

Kick your day off right with a morning fitness routine that will give you energy as well as gain strength.  #fitnessroutine #health #healthy

Getting the morning off to a great start is key for anyone. But for women, syncing our bodies to a morning routine that energizes and strengthens our bodies is life-changing. It can be difficult and sometimes even overwhelming to figure out what the perfect routine is.

In this blog, not only do we seek to create a great women’s fitness routine, but we also give different options because all women are unique. Here you’ll be able to find something for everyone.

Kick your day off right with a morning fitness routine that will give you energy as well as gain strength. #fitnessroutine #health #healthy

Before Fitness Let’s Talk Energy

In order to have a great fitness routine that provides energy, we need to make sure our bodies are ready to take on the load. This means having the right nutrients and energy supply. Some women prefer to eat breakfast after fasting, while others need a healthy amount of protein before working out. Here are some benefits to both.


Fasting before working out means you don’t have to worry about waiting to digest. Be sure to drink plenty of water and hold off on coffee until after the workout. Fasting can sometimes cause our metabolism to speed up, and go into fat burn mode. However, fasting can be more difficult for some and cause lightheadedness; in this case, eating before eating is helpful.

Eating Breakfast

If you’re going to get some good food before working out, consider a little bit of protein and complex carbs. Having simple carbs in the morning can lead to a crash later in the workout or right after. Workouts should feel energizing, not exhausting.

Keeping the Routine Fresh

Part of the reason women struggle to find a routine that they like is because they repeatedly do exercises they don’t like. But if we keep it fresh and rotate different ideas that are both fun and beneficial, working out suddenly becomes a blast.

Strength Training Three Times a Week

Strength training with women used to get a bad rap because women would think it would make them bulky. But now strength training is a great way to not only tone our physique but age gracefully.

In order to get the gains you were looking for, such as building muscle in your glutes or flattening your stomach, you must lift three times a week. This is the golden number as anything less may not produce results as quickly as you’d like.

When it comes to strength training, some people believe in a total body workout, while others believe in segmenting to upper versus lower body. If you were looking to lift more, segmenting your workouts could allow you to work on one half of the body while the other half is recovering.

Yoga or Pilates

In the event that you can only do strength training twice a week, Pilates is a great way to continue building strength and muscle through a different form of exercise. But what Pilates does is also look to lengthen and stretch the muscles.

It should be incorporated, no matter how much you lift, because it’s great for flexibility and balance. As we age it can also help with injury prevention, as well as a physical and mental stress release.

A Fun Form of Cardio

Cardio can sometimes be the most difficult part of a woman’s fitness journey. This is why Peloton and other companies like it have become so popular. We don’t have to suffer alone anymore.

There are tons of fun cardio options to add to your routine and getting a little bit every day can be helpful.

  • Zumba classes are not just for older women they can be a lot of fun for everyone. In fact, with many online exercise platforms showcasing dancing, many women of all ages have embraced it.
  • Cycling classes have become a communal effort. Many women love getting behind a good Taylor Swift playlist and jamming with their fellow Swifties.
  • Tennis, among other sports like pickleball, has increased in popularity. It is a great way to get cardio while meeting other people. Sports have long been a solution to getting exercise and raising our heart rates.

These are just a few of many examples of how you can get a little or a lot of cardio each day. It’s important to choose something you like in this category, so we always come back to doing it.

If cardio makes you incredibly sore, it’s not a bad idea to wear compression socks for accelerated healing. Compression socks for neuropathy are one of the many different uses for compression socks. It’s worth looking into different uses as a gym-goer. 

Cool Downs Are Not Overrated 

Something that many people skip is the cool down because they think they’re too tired or in a rush to the next thing. But cooldowns are what allow us to come back stronger than the next day and ready to work out.

Cool down looks different in many different ways, but a simple stretch will get the job done. Spend 15 minutes addressing the different muscles you used.


Keeping track of how you feel and what you’re doing is important. Not all of the days you work out will feel great. Chances are in the beginning. If you haven’t exercised in a while it could be more difficult than imagined.

But part of the fun is exercising can be mixed up so that it doesn’t get boring. At the same time, you know what to expect and can count on there being some structure. The results will speak for themselves, which makes many women more energized and ready to keep going.

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