Sanders Optimum Boot Camp (Day 8)

Alright y’all.  I felt GOOD today.  I mean I felt ON this morning at 5:30 am.  Perhaps it was the 7 hours of sleep.  Maybe it was water I drank beforehand.  Most likely it was the dinner I ate the night before.  Whatever it was I was ready.   Now I am not saying I was pleased with the 1 mile jog warm up under 7.5 minutes!  Or saying I was thrilled when we did 500 jumping jacks in less than 10 minutes.  OR the fact we did a bunch of sprint drills that equaled another mile all within the first 20 minutes.

My body told me it was good for me and so I listened to it and pushed to get even better times.  I’m not saying I didn’t get lapped on the 7.5 minute mile by some of the cheerleaders in the group.  No seriously – they are NFL cheerleaders.  Nor am I saying I wasn’t pouring sweat before 6 am in the morning but what I AM saying is I was hanging with the instructor AND the group the ENTIRE TIME!

I actually got positive feedback and shoutout from Monte more than once this session.  From the form of my high knee jump ropes to my sprints to my ab work.  I was working it!  It feels great to feel good during a grueling workout.  I test my effort by the amount of sweat on my shorts and shirt.  I know sweating is the body’s way to regulate its temperature but I also associate it with effort.

I gave 101% today everyone!  And you should too when you are working out – otherwise you just may be wasting time.

This headbanger was in my head during our workout today because there was a lot of UP and DOWN going on with the intervals including ab work then getting up and sprinting to the other side of the gym to pick up jump ropes to jump for 30 seconds to dropping ropes to jog back to the other side and lay down for another round of abs!  Hey … it kept me moving!

What workout did you do today and did you give it ALL you got?  Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.




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