30-Day Movement, Meditation and Meals Challenge

Join us for 30 days as we complete the 3M | Movement, Meditation and Meals challenge.

Take this 30-Day Movement, Meditation and Meals challenge to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body  and spirit.  #meditation #fitnesschallenge #3mchallenge #movement #healthymeals #goodhealth #detox #fasting #wellness #mentalhealth #selfcare

It seems all seasons and every time of the year is busy so this challenge is to help you reset on your fitness journey.  We are challenging you, for the next 30 days to complete at least 30 minutes of movement, 3 minutes of meditation and consume 3 healthy meals daily.

Take this 30-Day Movement, Meditation and Meals challenge to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and spirit. #meditation #fitnesschallenge #3mchallenge #movement #healthymeals #goodhealth #detox #fasting #wellness #mentalhealth #selfcare

Why You Want To Participate In This Challenge

Daily living can be extremely busy.  Between work, running errands and social events you can find yourself burned out fairly quickly.  This challenge is intended to help rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  Help you reset your body battery for more energy and less stress.

Who Can Participate in the Movement, Meditation and Meals Challenge?

This challenge is intended for all fitness levels to participate from couch potato to active athlete as well as everyone in between.  This challenge is intended to help you reset on your path to healthy living.

Challenge Coaches

My name is Coach Dee and I am your coach for this challenge.  I have been a NASM certified personal trainer for 7 years and specialize in weight loss.  My clients have been trained in person and virtualIy. Under my instruction I lead virtual group training sessions.  I love hosting free challenges like this because I participate and it keeps me focused.  I hope you decide to join this challenge as I would love to help coach you in the first month of 2023.  Let’s do this!

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Introducing Coach Dana.

Dana has been a leader in the fitness industry for 31 years.  Certified through American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist. CPR/AED certified. Additional certifications are as a Health Coach — teaches Strength training, Bootcamp, Yoga, Barre, Zumba and AquaFit classes.
Dana’s passion is group exercise and group training.

Favorite hashtag or comment is “no excuses”. She says that “exercise is a wonder drug and should be fun. Something you look forward to, not dread.”

Dana’s a wife, mother and grandmother. She’s a Christian who strives for symmetry in mind, body, and soul.

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Youtube: DaWrightFit Health & Fitness Coach (@dawrightfithealthfitnesco8684)

Movement, Meditation and Meals Challenge Rules

The rules are fairly straightforward.

Daily Accountability

  • We want you to check in daily to remain accountable
  • Snap pictures of your movement, meditation and meals daily with hashtag #3MChallenge and tag FemmeFitaleFitClub and Dana Wright on our socials.
  • Use hashtag #3MChallenge as part of your accountability check in
  • RSVP here:  https://fb.me/e/3c9TpvoAB


  • The goal is to move your body intentionally for at least 30 minutes daily
  • Movement is what you define it to be
  • You can break the 30 minutes up into multiple movement activities or complete all of it in a single setting.  The choice is yours
  • Movement ideas include walking, swimming, running, Zumba, cycling, hoola hoop, jump rope or gardening.  You decide your daily movement routine but be sure to keep it intentional
  • If you would like additional movement ideas, you can sign up for the Peloton app for a free 60-day trial and try their classes.  Sign up here:  https://www.onepeloton.com/digital/checkout/digital-gp-60d?code=d7216d20ab094961b3d5bc5b65a3ea22
  • Include your movement selfies or videos as part of your daily accountability check in with hashtag #3MChallenge


  • The goal is to help settle your mind to support healthy mental health
  • Select a meditation routine and perform it for at least 3 minutes
  • You can meditate at any time during the day but I recommend at the start of your day to kick things off on a relaxed note
  • You can find meditation routines out on YouTube for free
  • If you would like to take an online meditation class you can sign up for the Peloton app for a free 60-day trial at https://www.onepeloton.com/digital/checkout/digital-gp-60d?code=d7216d20ab094961b3d5bc5b65a3ea22
  • Include pictures of your meditation class as part of your daily accountability check in with hashtag #3MChallenge


  • The goal is to provide your body with proper nutrition with at least 3 of your daily meals
  • Consume your meals throughout the day
  • If you intermittent fast feel free to continue to do that
  • Avoid low nutrient foods and increase consumption of highly dense nutrient foods
  • Attempt to eat more fruits and veggies in its natural raw state or steamed, roasted or baked
  • Avoid fried foods and anything high in sodium, transfat, saturated fat and added sugar
  • Aim to drink at least 64 oz of water daily
  • Smoothies and water can count as a meal
  • Include pictures of your meals as part of your daily accountability check in with hashtag #3MChallenge

Tips For Success

  • Check in daily even if you didn’t hit all of the daily goals, consistency creates routine
  • Follow the #3MChallenge hashtag and encourage others in the challenge using the hashtag as they check in to show your support
  • Plan out your movement, meditation, and meals in advance so you aren’t caught out there with no plan
  • Don’t quit!  Every day won’t be perfect and that’s ok.  Check in and let us know you are still in it
  • Be kind and gentle to yourself.  Again, every day won’t be perfect, but you are worth doing this challenge and you will succeed!
  • If at any time you have questions about this challenge reach out to me, Coach Dee by DM on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Stay positive

Download and update your accountability tracker below.


You  got this so comment below if you plan to participate.  Let’s go !!!

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