Inner And Outer Thighs Workout For Women

Do you think you have thunder thighs?  Then this workout is just what you need to firm them up.

I get questions constantly about how to slim thighs naturally.  I will always say you first must start with a clean diet which means cutting out added sugar, processed and fast food.  Once you do that, the rest is up to adding some resistance to your lower body weight training protocol.

A Thigh By Another Name

Another word for thighs are quadriceps or rectus femoris.  It’s the part of the leg between the hip and the knee.  Typically women want to work the inner and outer thigh areas where fat tends to accumulate.  When using weighted exercises designed to target the thigh muscles women can not only tone up their muscles in that region, but if coupled with a clean diet, can begin decreasing overall body fat which will eventually results in slimmer thighs.

As always, here are a few tips to help you as you begin your workout.

Warm up 

Always warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before your workout.  It not only helps loosen up tight muscles and get the blood flowing but it helps prepare your mind for what’s to come.

Self massage such as self myofascial release (SMR) and stretching are general warm up options or you can perform specific warm ups for the body part you are about to work.

Drink water

Always keep a bottle of water near you so you can sip on it during your workout to not only keep you hydrated but to pump fluid back into the muscles.

It will also help you perform longer during the actual workout.

Workout Instructions

You will perform 3 sets of this workout in circuit style.  Check the graphic for the amount of reps to complete each exercise.

Your thighs will thank me later.  Perform this workout twice a week.

Tag me

When you try this workout make sure to tag me on Instagram @FemmeFitaleFitClub with the amount of calories burned and your gym selfie.  Use hashtag #ThunderThighs

Thick Thighs Saves Lives Workout

Equipment needed:

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbell

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Download and PIN


Equipment needed:

  • 10- pound dumbbells

Perform this workout to sculpt shapely thighs which includes the hamstrings. #womenshealth #thighs #quads #hamstringworkout #lowerbodyworkout #quadworkout #workoutsforwomen #fitnessover50 #newmomworkout #legs #legworkout



Thigh exercise variations



Before starting any new exercise plan consult with your physician.  Know your limits and participate at your own risk.


Thigh Workout #thighs #rectusfemoris #quads #quadriceps #legs #squats #sumosquats #lunges #sidelunge #gobletsquat #deadlifts (1)

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