Amazing Exercises To Try Daily

Check out these body weight exercises which you can try daily to stay healthy and fit.

Check out these amazing body weight exercises that will improve strength, mobility and endurance. #womenhealth #exercises #workout #bodyweightexercises #getfit #healthy #wellness #selfcare #selflove #positivebodyimage

It is very important to stay healthy, and the best way to ensure that is to stay fit. Regular exercise has many benefits – while you’re exercising your brain receives more oxygen which enables it to function flawlessly.

Another thing why it’s great is because you will feel incredible about yourself and experience a huge confidence boost.

Making ourselves a one capable and stable human being, physically speaking is very important and here are some exercises that can immensely help us with that.

Jumping Jacks

This exercise is excellent for working your heart.  It will also help improve your endurance.  Here’s how to do it

It’s not hard at all; well it just seems that way, try doing a hundred and fifty of those. This is one of the core exercises for those who are about to start the cross fit training, and that is one of the hardest training there is.


Lunges are a great exercise for your legs. You will be using them entirely for this one, and you will need to keep your back straight at all times.

Here’s how to do it

It is crucial that you do everything properly because we want to avoid injuries.  Since you will have to do each leg separately, this one takes a little time.

Hip Bridges

If you’re looking for that six-pack and strong glutes, then this is one of the exercises that will help you with those.

Here’s how to do it

Also, if you’re serious about the workout, then you should check out wear action for the necessary equipment.

Bent-over Rows

While doing bent-over rows, you will get a feeling how it was to move a ship across the sea. This exercise greatly affects one’s back and shoulders.

Here’s how you do it

Doing a boatload of these can be exhausting but effective.

Standard Squat

Squats are definitely one of the most effective exercises around.

Here’s how you do it

It’s a  simple move, but in advanced versions, this can be done a variety of ways such as with a barbell, body bar, hand weights, single leg or with a jump.

These are just some of the great exercises you can do daily when starting to work out  seriously.

Don’t forget, rest is essential and therefore give yourself a day or two rest in between to prevent pattern overload from performing the same exercises day in and day out which could lead to injury.

Amazing exercises to do daily to stay fit and healthy #exercises #workout #bodyweightexercises

What’s your favorite exercise?


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