Top 5 Non-Scale Victory Indicators

Here are 5 ways to claim non-scale victories that are just as good or better at measuring weight-loss success and progress than the body weight scale.

There is more to measuring fitness progress than the scale. Check out these 5 popular yet non-scale ways to measure weight loss success without the body weight scale. #bodyweightscale #fitnessprogress #fitfam #fitness #weightlossforwomen #weightloss

When we think about our fitness journey we tend not to give as much credence to non-scale victory indicators and solely focus on scale victories and whether the number on the scale went up or down.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that we encourage it all, both non-scale and scale victories.  We believe all of these indicators, when combined fully round out helping you determine your progress along your fitness journey.

So without further ado, let me share the top 5 non-scale victory indicators you should NOT ignore because they are just as important as the number moving up or down on the scale.

You Feel Stronger

heavy weights

If you are lifting challenging weights consistently this is a MAJOR indicator your are making progress on your fitness journey.  If you are able to lift heavier thing with less effort (small children, grocery bags, etc.) then you are making progress.

The workouts are working and you are progressing.  It also feels good when things that were once heavy are no longer feeling as heavy.  I know it makes me feel like Superwoman!

You Have Better Endurance

Friends running together

Another great indicator you are making progress along your fitness journey is that you can go longer without running out of breath.  You have better endurance.  You can walk up stairs without huffing and puffing.

You can walk further without needing a break.  You may even be able to break into a light job and not feel fatigued after one mile.

You are improving your endurance and that is one important non-scale victory indicator because many times that means you are improving your lung capacity and your cardiovascular system is getting stronger.

BIG fitness journey WIN if you ask me.

Your Clothes Are Fitting Better

measuring your waist

If there is one non-scale victory factor that can put a BIG SMILE on my face is when I can comfortably fit in clothes I thought I would never get one leg into ever again.

It almost overhauls your wardrobe by either bringing back long-lost outfits OR is a great reason to go and buy new clothes that fit your sleeker physique.

Either way measuring your size is probably the BEST non-scale victory indicator because as you build muscle, muscle takes up less space than fat so while the scale my not necessarily reflect your gains, how your clothes fit and feel definitely will tell the truth and for that, you should prioritize this indicator along your fitness journey.

Your Vitals Are On Point (blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, resting heart rate, etc.) 

woman getting blood pressure taken

Having well-fitted clothes is a powerful non-scale victory indicator.  Excellent vitals are another strong indicator.  It’s the secret sauce and balance between exercise and eating right that supports your body and its optimal function. 

Nurses and lab techs check my blood, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate and say they can tell that I am actively exercising on a regular basis.  So this indicator has merit.  

The scale doesn’t tell the entire story.  

Get yourself checked out regularly by your physician and as you remain consistent with exercise and eating right along your fitness journey, watch your other set of “numbers” improve and reflect your healthy lifestyle.

You Feel Good (sleeping better, more energy, positive mindset)

women sleeping

There’s nothing better than walking tall, feeling confident, feeling happy and mentally put together.  If you are feeling that more regularly you can best believe it is from all of that consistent exercise.  Limiting the junk food you put in your body can also help with a positive mindset.

You can tell when you have had a restful night’s sleep because your body feels well rested.  That morning cup of Joe may not even be necessary as an energy boost because you feel so good naturally.

This is one major factor that can’t be ignored.

Bottom line, scale victories are important but NOT the only way to measure progress along your fitness journey.  Non-scale victories coupled with monitoring the scale gives a more complete picture of your improved health.   

So don’t be scared of the scale and continue to use it, just know it isn’t the only way to measure progress.



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Which non-scale victory indicator do you tend to rely on the most?

Top 5 Non-Scale Victory Indicators #nsv #nonscalevictory #weightloss #fatloss #weightlosstips

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