The Early Bird

Early morning run

My neighborhood at 5:15 am.

There is an old cliche – the early bird catches the worm and you know – when it comes to working out, that’s me.  See I am an early riser and someone who has the most of her energy in the morning hours vs. the afternoon or evening timeframe.  I wake up bursting…and ready to do something.  That is why an early morning run is the best for me.

 From everything I read – there is still some dissension among the professionals in the fitness industry as to whether a person burns more fat and calories working out (lifting weights or performing cardio) in the morning after waking up and before consuming breakfast than working out any other time of day.  With that controversy aside, one IS burning calories, getting their blood moving and using energy to haul that weight or to run that hill so for me – whether I burn 5 extra calories an hour because I work out on an empty stomach in the morning is not that big of deal for me.

Probably a more reliable way to meet your weight or size goals is to drink plenty of water, eat clean and remain consistent with your health and fitness routine to maximize results no matter what time of day you work out.

I say do what works best for you.

Working out in the morning is optimal for me for several reasons:

 a)     My family is still asleep so I do not disturb them

b)     The world is quiet and that is my personal quiet time

c)      If I wait until later in the day I am typically exhausted or something else gets planned and I never get to it.

d)     If I try to workout later in the day I am busy with homework, cooking dinner and looking for a moment to decompress from the tiring day

e)     Working out in the morning gives me energy for the day

f)        I am more likely to get the workout in if done first thing vs. if I wait until later so there is a sense of accomplishment I got it done

When do you like to work out and why is that the best time for you?

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    October 15, 2014 (7:02 am)

    You are an early bird! I always see your posts at crazy people hours. Getting it done is all that matters-good for you girlfriend
    Deborah recently posted…Skechers Go Walk-Taking Steps towards Breast Cancer AwarenessMy Profile

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    October 15, 2014 (7:52 am)

    I’m a morning person too. Working out in the afternoon or evening just feels hard. I’m on my feet all day teaching high school students, and my legs are just heavy at the end of the day.
    AmyC recently posted…My Motivation to RunMy Profile

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      October 15, 2014 (10:16 am)

      AmyC evening workouts are darn near impossible for me.

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    Laurie VanLaethem
    October 15, 2014 (10:39 am)

    I am a converted “Night Owl” to “Morning person!” I’m not sure if I had any choice in the matter. Maybe, on some subconscious level! Some mornings it TOO early when I wake up and it can ruin my day when that happens! For example anything before 4:30 and I’m useless for the day! But 4:30 or after is good. It took me a LONG LONG time to “love” or even “like” it! In fact some mornings, I was just *p* off! Now I love the peace and quiet. ME time. When it feels like the whole world is asleep.

    I had a much needed sleep in today. (SO RARE!) 7 am! Haven’t done that in a while! But, after yesterdays 1am wake up and finally getting out of bed at 3am it was much needed! I feel refreshed and renewed! But, I also know this day is gonna go by fast!

    A HAPPY medium would be 5-5:30am for me. Haven’t used an alarm clock in can’t remember when! Unless I HAVE to get up early. Maybe with the less daylight I will, sleep in a little longer.

    I can’t ever go back to sleeping into 9am and staying up late. I loved it at the time, I was very productive at night. But, those days are over. If I wake up at 9 the world is gonna end and nothing is gonna get accomplished!

    I totally agree with you, work whatever works best for you! <3 Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!#WOWLINKUP

    Laurie VanLaethem recently posted…Just Another Random Wednesday — Confessions & RandomnessMy Profile

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    October 15, 2014 (12:33 pm)

    I like to workout early in the morning on the weekends. It’s peaceful and it’s a great way to get the day started!
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    Deborah Davis
    October 15, 2014 (1:40 pm)

    Hi Diatta,
    Hopped over from #wowlinkup Workout Wednesdays. I totally get your reasons for working out in the morning! I wish I was a morning workout person but I just don’t feel like getting up earlier to work out so I tend to exercise in the evening. I do believe that working out in the morning would probably “change my life” so it is something that I am working on.
    Deborah Davis recently posted…Live It Up at the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Party Blog Hop #43My Profile

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    Amanda H
    October 16, 2014 (5:34 am)

    I’m so NOT a morning person but I’ve started going to 6 AM yoga. Waking up that early is pretty terrible for me, but it’s worth it to start my day with a great workout and leave my evenings free! #wowlinkup
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    October 16, 2014 (3:58 pm)

    My husband picked out the time for me to work out once I decided to start – first thing in the morning! I have tried to do things in the afternoon and I just never get the energy/desire/etc. to do so. Obviously it’s worked for me since I’ve lost 105 lbs LOL
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      October 16, 2014 (4:22 pm)

      I see that. Congrats again on the weight loss.

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    October 16, 2014 (8:30 pm)

    I SO want to be a morning person. Planning to exercise after 9a always results in something else getting in the way. #wowlinkup
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    October 21, 2014 (12:51 pm)

    In the hot summer months, I usually work out in the early morning to beat the heat. However, this is not something I enjoy typically. I like my sleep too much 🙂 The best time for me is right after work before dinner. I find that once I fix dinner and sit down, I’m ready to settle in for the night #wowlinkup
    Heather recently posted…A New PR at the 4 Bridges Half MarathonMy Profile

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    October 21, 2014 (11:50 pm)

    I never was an early bird until I had to become one when I wanted to get on the class schedule at a popular gym. The only classes they needed an instructor for started at 5:45 AM! I still am not naturally an early bird, but I do enjoy having early clients so I can see the sunrise and get my day started. I definitely enjoy working out in the morning, too. As a trainer I have clients before and after the normal workday so if I wait too late, it’s really hard to get my motivation up for my own workout!
    Catherine recently posted…Get your pirate costumes ready: It’s time to work out like a pirateMy Profile

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