Step It Up Calorie Killer Workouts

If your gym has what’s known as a stepmill, stairmaster, stairmill or something that looks like rotating steps then these Step It Up Calorie Killer Workouts are for you.

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They will work the entire body while torching calories which will have your body burning calories even after you’re done with the workout.

Total WIN!

This workout requires a stepmill and most box gyms have a some available.  I did both of these workouts with my workout partner last week and let’s just say – we earned it. 

These Step It up Calorie Killer Workouts are performed in circuit style.  For the first workout the circuit begins with climbing 10 floors on the stepmill then completing the weighted portion and repeating those circuits.

The second workout begins with a 100 floors climb as fast as you can and then completing the weighted circuits.  You will only climb the 100 floors once at the beginning. 

For workout 1 you definitely want to try and complete the 10 floors within 2 minutes each circuit so you have enough time to rest between circuits.

For workout 2 you can pace yourself completing the 100 floors but try and finish them within 30 minutes before completing 3 circuits of the weighted workout.

To build endurance complete either of these workouts 2 times a week for best results.

As always make sure your nutrition is on par with your goals.


For Workout 1

  • Cycle through each 7-minute circuit one exercise after the other starting with the 10 floor climb on the stepmill
  • follow the suggested number of sets based on your fitness level
  • complete each 7-minute circuit as quickly as you can so you can maximize your resting time
  • Rest period is any remaining time on the clock before the 7 minutes runs out

For Workout 2

  • Try and complete the 100 floor climb as quickly as possible
  • You only complete this climb once
  • For Circuit 2 follow the suggested number of sets based on your fitness level
  • Use moderate weights
  • Manage your tempo. In other words don’t speed through the exercise
  • Rest 90 seconds between sets

As always – KILL IT!


Workout 1

  1. Timer
  2. Stepmill
  3. Kettlebells

Workout 2

  1. Stepmill
  2. Dumbbells (65% to 70% of your 1 rep max)


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If you try this workout please tag me on Instagram @FemmeFitaleFitClub using hashtag #FemmeFitaleFitClub (follow that hashtag too to see everyone’s post) and I can shout you out and all of your great effort!

Workout 1

Step it up Calorie Killer Workout  #kettlebells #kettlebellworkout #calorietorcher #caloriekiller #exerciseequipment #kbworkoutforwomen #kbworkouts


Workout 2

Step it up Calorie Killer Workout  #kettlebells #kettlebellworkout #calorietorcher #caloriekiller #exerciseequipment #kbworkoutforwomen #kbworkouts







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