Shoulda Let You Go #Workout and Week In Review

I guess you have figured it out by now I am naming workouts after songs that I have felt the need to use as my power songs for that week.  I am not really hip to all of the latest R&B music out there because I basically listen to CNN in the car, but when I do get an opportunity to hear a new song with a LIVE beat – I find out what it is and add it to my cardio playlist.  Yes, it is that serious because this music helps me get lost in my thoughts and gives me the boost I need to push through some of the fatigue and hills.  I love it and the Nike+ app allows you to set your Power Song which I really like.

This week was a bit scattered with me running outside or going to boot camp for the free session since I didn’t sign up in May but I got it in and burned some calories while in the process.  I used the Nike+ app and Wahoo fitness app during my outdoor runs and used my Polar FT4 HRM during boot camp to capture calories burned.  I started the thing about 3 minutes into the workout so it is not showing the true calorie burned in the hour.  Oh well – better luck next time I guess.

If you want to participate in the daily voting click >>> HERE<<< and vote for DIATTA HARRIS.  🙂  Ok let’s go – check out my week in review.

Monday – May 27, 2013 (Memorial Day)

Monday I ran the Owings Mills 5-mile loop with my girls!  It felt much better outside than Saturday which was FREEZING!  I was so pleased because more ladies came out today than Saturday.  PLUS one of my longtime neighbors also showed up and we had a nice time walking and talking during mile 2.  I did not want to leave her behind because this was her first time really getting out there.  We work to never leave a woman behind.  We start together and end together.  If we need to wait for someone at one of the milestones – we do that too.



Tuesday – May 28, 2013

There were plans to run with my favorite running sister but the downpour of rain at 5:30 am thwarted those plans.  I went back to bed and got another hour of sleep – it felt good.

Wednesday – May 29, 2013

I went back to boot camp morning session since they had their FREE session.  It felt good being back but that gym was HOT!  We did ladders, X-drills, ab work and some sprinting.  Honestly he took it easy on us because he could have gone HAM crazy but he didn’t.  Even with that, my calves were sore for about 3 days afterwards.  I wore my new kicks but I think age may just be catching up with me.  I did work up some calories even though I forgot to start my HRM until about 10 minutes into the workout.  ADUH!



Thursday – May 30, 2013

I got an extra hour of sleep in today.  I ain’t mad and it felt really good.


Friday – May 31, 2013

We hit the road and it wasn’t too hot outside.  We did our 3-mile loop just shy of 27 minutes per my Nike+ app.  We are really improving our time.  I got in the house and found I picked up a friend – a deer tick along the way.  It was stuck to the front of my top ewwwwww!



There ya go.  It was a hectic week at my day job so that took me off my game a little.  I expect this up and coming week to be a wee bit more settled down.  I am really getting into the June challenges which are 2 very simple ones – eat more fruit and work out 30 minutes a session, 5 days a week.  I should be able to handle that because I expect this month to be LESS hectic than last month.  Let’s pray it is.  Who is keeping up with me or passing me?

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