Lower Belly Pooch Blaster Workout For Women

If you are battling a lower belly pooch then this workout for women is for you.  It can be done at home, outdoors at the track or in the gym.  Give it a try.

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This lower belly pooch blaster workout incorporates integrated cardio as well as tried and true lower ab exercises to blast fat while strengthening.

You should complete this workout as quickly as you can without sacrificing form or shortcutting full reps.  Don’t cheat yourself! 

Complete this workout 3 times a week – never consecutive days – for 4 weeks and you should see a noticeable difference in your lower belly area. 

As always make sure your nutrition is on par with your goals.

Disclaimer:  Before starting any workout program please consult your physician for clearance.  Participate at your own risk.  Femme Fitale Fit Club is not responsible for injury, loss of limb or life due to your voluntary participation.  Know your body and your limits.


There are 3 Circuits in this workout.

You will start with Circuit 1 and complete all reps of the first exercise then jump on the treadmill and run .25 miles or 400 meters as fast as you can.  In other words SPRINT.

Then return to the mat and complete the next exercise in that circuit.  Run .25 miles or 400 meters as fast as you can.  So on and so forth.

There are 4 lower belly ab exercises per circuit which will be accompanied by 4 sprint cycles of .25 miles which will equal 1 mile.  In other words you will complete 1 sprint mile per circuit.

Move on to Circuit 2 and complete all reps of the first exercise, jump on the treadmill and sprint, etc.

Once you complete all sets of Circuit 3 you would have completed 1,080 lower belly ab reps of 12 exercises and 3 miles of .25 mile sprints.

Easy peasy right?

Check your timer and see how long it takes you.  Each time you perform this workout try to beat your last time.  Aim to complete in 30 minutes or less.


The goal of this workout is to move through your exercises and sprint cycles as quickly as possible without sacrificing form.  In other words it won’t be a comfortable workout but nothing ventured nothing gained right?

Depending on your fitness level, try to complete that .25 mile sprint within 2 minutes.  If you aren’t quite at that speed yet, no worries go as fast as you can and build up to it.

Keep your workout mat close by so you can easily transition back to it to complete the next exercise.  This workout has minimal rest to keep that heart rate up and blast fat but take breaks when you need it.

During those breaks sip, not GULP, on water to hydrate you and keep going.

You will be surprised the more consistently you perform this workout the better you will get so the first workout may have you sucking wind but by the 12th workout in the 4th week you will be faster and stronger.


  1. Treadmill or outdoor 400 m (0.25 mile) school track (1 time around)
  2. Yoga mat


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3 Replies to "Lower Belly Pooch Blaster Workout For Women"

  • comment-avatar
    Mary Rivera May 17, 2019 (12:27 pm)

    I’m going to get me a mat. I have a treadmill which I do 30 minutes daily. Down 20lb but my sagging kangaroo pouch its horrible,

    • comment-avatar
      May 17, 2019 (1:01 pm)

      Alrighty – get that work in.

  • comment-avatar
    Rushi May 22, 2019 (7:02 am)

    I am really follow regular exercise. But I am not able to stop my hunger. So, I had started Red Tea to stop hunger. This is amazing drink. I had started losing weight with combinations of above exercise & Red Tea.