How To Walk To Lose Weight Part 2

Learn how to walk to lose weight if you have sensitive joints and bad knees.

How To Walk To Lose Weight Part 2 #walkoffthepounds #walking #cardio #lowimpactcardio


I shared a post about an effective way to burn fat and lose weight from walking.  It’s an amazing post with some wonderful tips so you can see success from walking.  Many people’s joint can’t take the pounding from running but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your cardio on too.

This post is a follow up to that one because if you have completed that walk routine for 4 weeks it is time for you to step it up and do even more.  Here is where part 2 comes in.

Try this walk routine on a treadmill or outside and let me know how you feel.


Walk Off The Fat in 30 Minutes #walkoffthepounds #walking #cardio #lowimpactcardio


Don’t forget to couple this with:

  • Food portion control
  • Adequate sleep
  • Adequate consumption of water (at least 74 oz a day)
  • Eating healthy foods from the Earth like vegetables and fruit and limited consumption of processed food
  • Be consistent – walk at least 5 days a week

You are on your way to lose the excess weight and fat with walking!

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