How to Live Sugar Free

Learn how you can live your best life sugar free.

Improve your life and waistline by learning to live sugar free with these strategies.. #nosugar #detox #sugardetox #sugarbabe #reducesugarintake #sugarfreenation #sugarmomma #sweetness #sweets #artificialsweetener #livesugarfree I am Kathy Sugar Free Girl” Williams your Diabetes Prevention Strategist. I help people who want to kick the sugar habit and reverse the progression to diabetes. Think of me as your “Sugar Shrink“, I can help you shift your mindset, shrink your sugar consumption, cravings and your waistline! The secret to my success centers on mindset, preparation and gradual replacement.

Mindset shift: A commitment to my future health

I was diagnosed pre diabetic 5 years ago.   Today I’m walking in the intention I set for myself 5 years ago. I am no longer a pre-diabetic! When I was diagnosed, I was determined not to be a diabetic. This was because of my family history and my commitment to an active life free of disease. I want to play with my grandkids, travel the world with my husband and enjoy friends and family. I also made the decision not to have a life of insulin injections, amputations or heart disease. Thus, I changed my life.  I now live sugar free!

It’s all about Preparation

Whether you are on your way to work, at work, running errands or in your car; you; can always prepare for your cravings.
  • Boil eggs on Sunday evening for the week, pack 5 egg whites in a sandwich bags for a quick breakfast.
    • Five egg whites, berries or apple and a cappuccino is a go to breakfast on the run. (a great breakfast on the run.)
  • Carry your natural sweetener (Stevia) in your car, your desk, your purse or wallet.
    • If you have your sweetener, you’re more apt to choose unsweet ice tea as opposed to a sugary juice or soda.
  • Put mixed nuts or cashews in a snack bag for a quick snack on the run or for meetings. A snack with protein is a better choice than a carbohydrate like chips because carbs break down in your body as simple sugars.
  • Always have water, always bring water. In the summer, pack a small cooler in the car to make sure you get you 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Gradual replacement based on the glycemic index

I was able to reverse my pre-diabetes diagnosis by developing a process of sugar elimination using gradual replacement based on the glycemic index.  Carbohydrates are quickly digested so they high rank on the glycemic index (GI) on a 0 to 100 scale. This measures how quickly they raise your blood sugar, the higher a food’s glycemic index, the more it can cause your blood sugar to spike and come crashing down later. The process is outlined in my new book, Oh So Sweet to Live Sugar Free, 5 Success Strategies to Eliminate the Progression to Diabetes

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Visit my website for your free downloads (Healthy Snacks and Beverages (5 grams of sugar or less).  You can also order the book. (5% of all Book Proceeds will be Donated to the American Diabetes Association). I see the world without diabetes and it starts with your sugar free living. Sugar free living changed my life. It can change yours too!

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