5 Beauty Boosts Being Sugar Free

Enhance and boost your natural beauty by being sugar free with these tips.

Reducing daily consumption of sugar can be challenging but knowing the health and beauty benefits is enough to motivate anyone.

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We have heard about the health benefits of reducing sugar such as avoiding chronic diseases but there’s another upside to it – enhanced natural beauty.  Check out these top 5 beauty benefits.

Clearer skin

Sugary food and drinks put wear and tear on our internal organs which results in dull, dry skin that wrinkles easily.  Cut back on sugary drinks and eats and over time you will notice softer, younger looking, supple, and acne-free skin.

Your skin will wrinkle less, glow and look plumper.  The only positive thing sugar can do for your skin is scrub off dead layers.

Weight loss

We tend to eat a lot of packaged or fast food and they contain boatloads of the sweet stuff.

Reduce daily consumption of these convenience foods, typically high in sugar, and experience weight loss without even thinking about it.

While there’s only 4 calories per gram in sugar, those calories add up.  One can of soda has about 39 grams of added sugar.  That’s almost 160 calories.

Also, if your body isn’t burning it off as fuel then it stores it as body fat which results in weight gain.

More energy

This may not seem intuitive since many believe eating more sugar gives us energy, but hear me out.

We receive an instant energy rush from consuming simple sugars when it enters the blood stream.  Once insulin shuffles it out of our blood stream into our muscles, we experience an immediate crash and lack of energy.  That crash also induces immediate foggy brain and a sluggishness.

It will also make us crave more to get another rush.

Instead eat fresh fruit with natural occurring sugar called fructose and vegetables.  Not only does it provide your body nutrients and fiber, those power foods provide more natural energy to the body longer.

Flatter abs without sweets

When we eat too much of the sweet stuff not only does it store as fat, but it tends to go straight to our bellies and waistlines.  Expanded waistlines is a predecessor to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

It also causes bloating in the digestive tract which can extend the belly.

Detox from sugary food and beverages and you will notice your waistline decreasing and a six pack trying to peek through.

More beauty rest

I hear all the time how people have trouble sleeping.  Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night is a far off dream for many people.  It might be due to all the sugar you’re eating.

Reduce how much you consume and you will begin having more restful sleep.  Sleep is controlled by the hormone melatonin in the brain and eating too much of the sweet stuff delays this release.

Getting less sleep results in cravings, overeating food high in sugar and low energy.  More hours of beauty sleep results in more energy, clearer skin and effective weight loss.

Start detoxing today

With all of these benefits it’s a no brainer, cutting out added sugar is the right thing to do for sustained beauty and vibrant body.

Check out this post for 5 strategies to detox from sugar and this past No Sugar Detox Challenge if you want guidance weaning off of high sugar consumption.



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