How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Find out what you should do to avoid the dreaded 5 to 10 pound holiday weight gain the average adult American packs on during this merry season.

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Between Halloween candy, Thanksgiving stuffing and Christmas cookies, your body will take a brutal calorie beating this holiday season.  This is the perfect time to start or change that workout routine.

Tis the season to be jolly but let’s not go overboard.  It isn’t hard to do with the holiday celebrations at work and with friends along with the big meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas – the average adult American can easily pack on up to 10 pounds in a few short weeks.

We don’t want that to be you so check out these strategies to help you stay committed to your fitness journey and survive the dreaded 10 pound holiday weight gain.

Eat Before The Party

If you are planning to attend a work or private holiday party be sure to fill up on light fare before you arrive so you aren’t ravenous and devouring everything in sight.

Drink some water on your way and pack a light snack therefore when you arrive you are more in the mood of mingling vs. heading straight to the food table.

Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol excessively dehydrates you and may trick you into thinking you are hungrier than you really are.  Pace yourself and go for the dry wines or vodka to at the very least minimize calorie consumption.

Easy On Desserts

You don’t even want to know how many calories the dessert table contains with all of the added sugar.  But I get it, you only live once and it’s the most wonderful time of the year so indulge a little. 

Have a piece or two and try not to overindulge to avoid the guilt later and the unnecessary pounds from the excess sugar and simple carbs.

Bring A Snack

I know this is counterintuitive if you plan to attend an event where there will be food but if you are on a nutrition program, bringing your own snacks guarantees you will stay compliant. 

While you may indulge a little in the local treats, don’t let it completely derail you so bring your own goodies as well.

Stay On Your Fitness Program

Long days, longer nights I get it – it becomes more challenging to stay on your workout regimen but prioritize it above all else.  Your body will thank you for it and it will help burn any extra calories you may be consuming.

Schedule classes or workout at home if you can’t stand going out in the cold just get it in.  On inclement weather days I plan to get my total body workout and cardio in with Peloton.

Walk It Out

Whether you have limited mobility or what have you make after-dinner walks a habit.  Depending on where you live, the brisk cool dry air will wake you up and help avoid the post-meal slump.

It’s also a great low-impact way to burn calories and lose weight.

Fuel Up

More and more of us are shopping online but if you enjoy being out in the stores be sure to fuel up.  Protein and complex carbs is a great way to keep you fuller longer so you have energy.

Before heading out eat a healthy source of lean protein along with fiber such as grilled chicken breast with broccoli and expect to have energy for hours.

Also not allowing yourself to get hungry will help you avoid temptations of all the sweets and treats people bring in to work and make available to you while shopping.

To Wrap Things Up

The holiday season is a joyous time to think and give to others but don’t starve yourself.  In order to stay on your fitness track incorporate these strategies such that you begin the new year the healthiest and tightest ever.

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5 Replies to "How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain"

  • comment-avatar
    Sami November 8, 2013 (7:47 am)

    What great ideas, I like the quick sweat dice game. What a fun way to keep your workout different.
    I think I’ve yawned a few times…even while running 🙂

    • comment-avatar
      DSTPRL November 8, 2013 (7:52 am)

      Thanks for stopping by Sammi. Oh yes we must mix it up to keep it interesting and to keep progressing.

  • comment-avatar
    November 9, 2013 (7:23 am)

    Great tips! The rest of the year can be a calorie bomb!

  • comment-avatar
    Alyssa Catherine November 12, 2013 (7:32 am)

    During holidays, we forget our daily routine and go for the party and eat what ever we like to and also celebrate with drink.
    Alcohol and triggering food is the cause of many problem especially heart attacks and strokes are generated . we always though with one bite of burger and a sip of alcohol nothing could happens, we don’t take a bit or a sip but we are free to and drink. Alcohol increases the fat in the body and what ever we exercise before holiday it ruins all our work and we again comes back to starting point where we have started our health fitness program.

    • comment-avatar
      DSTPRL November 12, 2013 (7:42 am)

      Very good points Alyssa. I strongly believe in moderation.