FFFC #Challenge #30: Work That StepMill


The Monster, that is what I call this thing.  Or rather THE BEAST!  You know why?  Because it is a beast.  Seriously.  It breathes fire….has you out of breath and gets your heart rate up.  It is scary and typically empty at the gym because it is SCARY!  But let’s get over that fear and work IT.

Regardless of how your machine tracks…….count floors and you will KNOW you had a workout. 

Advanced:  80 floors

Intermediate:  40 floors

Beginner:  10 floors

How did we come up with 80 floors for advanced?  That is approximately the # of floors where the first plane hit in the World Trade Center and since they had to climb down stairs with smoke, etc.  that is not the time to find out you are out of shape!  Stay healthy and work to be fit for more than just vanity..your life may depend on it.  *Off my soapbox and back to regular programming*

Want something extra?  Try this workout straight for the stepmill.


Stay Fierce and Fabulous!

Let’s GO!

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