FFFC #Challenge #29: Planking!


Yup you guessed it – this week’s challenge is all about stamina and strengthening the core and planks do just that.  Here is the challenge:


1.  1 minute plank hold

2.  1 minute side plank hold – right

3.  1 minute side plank hold – left

If you are really advanced and want even more of a challenge, raise your arm and opposite leg and hold for at least 10 seconds.  Remember to switch and do the same on the opposite arm/leg


1.  45 seconds plank hold

2.  45 seconds side plank hold righ

3.  45 seconds side plank hold left


1.  30 second plank hold

2.  30 second plank hold right

3.  30 second plank hold left

Now let’s go and get those FAB abs!!!!!


Let’s GO!

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