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Featured Fitale Vonda Vass Summers

I would like to share my before and after photo with you. Before making the decision to start my weight loss journey, I was struggling with obesity, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and I also had trigeminal neuralgia....I was also taking 30 pills a day.  After seeing many of my family members struggle ...

Monday #Motivation

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FFFC #Challenge #29: Planking!

Yup you guessed it - this week's challenge is all about stamina and strengthening the core and planks do just that.  Here is the challenge: Advanced 1.  1 minute plank hold 2.  1 minute side plank hold - right 3.  1 minute side plank hold - left If you are really advanced and want even more of a challenge, raise your arm and opposite leg ...