Anxiety And Myths, What Is Holding You Back?

Submitted by: Tim Joseph

The following is what I have learned from years of trying to accomplish my own fitness goals.

I know a lot of out of shape people who wish they could get themselves in good shape.  For every person that says “I want to look good in a bathing suit” there are a thousand excuses as to why they cannot get themselves off the couch and work out.  The fact is, there is really nothing stopping them and at first glance you would think these people are simply being lazy.  Trust me, I know a lot of hard-working people who are overweight and get no exercise, they are definitely not lazy people.  The fact is that no matter what the excuse, there are real reason why someone may have anxiety about exercising.  The excuse may be bogus but the fear is real to them.

Myth #1 – You Can’t Workout Without Supplements and Protein Shakes

The fitness industry is a billion dollar industry and there are marketing people and CEO’s out there who want to keep it that way.  What better way to increase sales when everyone has purchased your DVD?  Sell vitamins and protein shakes.  Once you’ve made your vitamins and put them in a pretty package you have to sell them.  So a company tells you that after a hard workout your body will need to be refueled with everything you have lost.  The fact is that 100 years ago we didn’t have these things.  We were thinner and stronger and people worked in fields all day.  How did they do it?  They ate meat and beans for protein, fruits and vegetables and drank water to stay hydrated.  I personally take very few, if any, supplements.  On occasion I take magnesium and potassium but have not noticed any difference in my workout if I do or do not take them.  Do yourself a favor and eat right and drink plenty of water.  Leave the vitamins and shakes to body builders.  Nature has provided you with everything you need to do a successful work out.

Myth #2 –  People Will See Me And They’ll Laugh

I know people who cannot exercise unless they’re locked away in a closet where no one will ever find them.  This is a real fear.  There are a couple of reason why people are afraid.

First, they are afraid they are going to fail and someone will watch their failure.  The fact is that anything you do is better than sitting on the couch.  If you tell your friends that you are planning to start slow and ask for their support you will not feel as much pressure and your friends will offer their support.  Take a chance, I promise you no one will laugh at you for starting a fitness routine.

The second reason people may be afraid someone will see them is because they’re insecure with their appearance.  The fact is that people will watch you.  They’ll start to notice that you are looking thinner and that you are more active.  They’ll make comments about how good you look and some people will be jealous.  Whenever I start a workout routine it doesn’t take long before my friends are inspired to start working out as well.  Most of us aren’t sure how to get started.  If we see someone else doing something then naturally we want to see if we can do it as well.

So get out there and let people see your accomplishments.

Myth #3 – You Have To Do A Boot Camp Style Workout 45 Minutes Per Day

20 years ago we had Richard Simmons sweating to songs from the 60’s as our workout videos.  We could relate to him, he was fun, the music was good but still, a large percentage of people who bought these videos didn’t use them.  Today we have videos like P90x, Insanity and Tapout.  Extremely fit guys doing crazy workouts that will whip you in to shape.  What could be less intimidating?  Their infomercials are full of people who have done the programs and had their bodies transformed in 90 says.  I’ve tried a couple of them myself.  Yes, these videos will get you in excellent shape.  Not only that but you will be ripped and your friends will talk about how great you look.  All you have to do is keep up with it for at least 90 days.  This is very intimidating to people.  It is a big commitment.  A big fear many people have is that the workout will be too hard and their muscles will hurt.  If you want to do P90X then you should try it.  The reality is if you cannot complete the 45 minute workout then you should not feel bad.  Go slow, stop when you need to.  You will not be a failure.  Remember, anything you do, even if you do 5 minutes, is better than sitting on a couch.  You didn’t get out of shape in 90 days and you may not be able to get in shape in 90 days.  It is a process.  Set a goal to be able to do the full 45 minute program by the end of the 90 days if you have to.  Listen to your body and go at your own pace.  I promise you you’ll be able to do it eventually and in 90 days you’ll be light years ahead of where you’d be sitting on the couch.

Facts About Working Out

To recap, here are the facts.

  •  Drink plenty of water.  70.8% of the earth is made of water.  There’s enough to go around.  Enjoy it.
  •  Get plenty of protein.  Meat and beans are an excellent source of protein.  Avoid shakes.  They have too much sugar in them anyway and they usually don’t taste that great.
  •  Get plenty of sleep.  Your friends don’t want you to be crabby.  It’ll also help you have easier workouts.
  •  Go slow.  5 minutes of workout is better than an evening on the couch.  Build up your workout over time and have fun with it.
  • You don’t need fancy clothes, supplements or equipment.  All you need is yourself and the floor or the ground.  I do three exercises, push ups, sit ups and squats.  Start slow and build up.

While your anxiety may feel real, you owe it to yourself to get in shape.  You are worthy of a great body.

Go out and move a little today and see how satisfying it is.

 Tim, thank you for your contribution to this blog and sharing your lessons learned with fitness.  Tim is a workout enthusiast and hosts his blog at  Check him out!

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    amoshe November 19, 2012 (7:42 pm)

    Love your blog! Inspiring and so much information. This post in particular strikes a chord because the bottom line is it tells people to ditch the all or nothing mentality and just start.
    Congratulations on a fabulous site.